Gaulzetti Corsa

Gaulzetti Corsa

We don’t see a lot of aluminum frames on Cycle EXIF, apart from the odd vintage mountain bike. There just aren’t that many custom frame builders out there who specialize in the metal. Which is a pity because, as in the case of those vintage mountain bikes (in their day), fresh aluminum tubes bonded with fat, even welds were enough to inspire, excite and assure a highly satisfying ride.

Enter Craig Gaulzetti and his aluminum Corsa frame. Craig has developed the design of the Corsa to be a stiff, fast and responsive, all-year, all-weather road rider. There was a time when aluminum was the peloton’s material of choice, due to its superior ride quality and was only ousted because carbon fiber was cheaper to produce than metal frames.

The Corsa is constructed from custom 7000 series tubes from Dedacciai which, combined with its well considered rear triangle construction, contributes to a bike that feels closer to a fine steel race frame than a ‘standard’ aluminum one. The front end, according to Embrocation Magazine, is exceptionally stiff, perfect for long, out-of-the-saddle efforts such as sprinting and climbing.

Head to the Embrocation Cycling Journal website for more information on Gaulzetti Cicli’s Corsa.

Gaulzetti Corsa
Gaulzetti Corsa
Gaulzetti Corsa

  • Matthew

    Moka pot on the stem?

    • cabbagepatchelvis

      Part of Embro’s logo – the bike is decked out in their team colors.

  • ErikTheRed

    Quality online reporting.

    “There was a time when aluminum was the peloton’s material of choice, due to its superior ride quality”

    Really? The peloton rides what the manufacturers tell them to ride, and there was a time when it was the ‘material of choice’ because it was marketable and easy to produce. In fact, the ride quality of early Aluminium bikes – Think circa 1990 Cannondales – were terrible. You could argue that it took the best part of a decade before Aluminium had even vaguely the ride quality of steel (It still doesn’t IMHO.)

    You’re also making comments about the ride quality without even having ridden the bike.

    Classic traffic generating rehash of someone elses faux reporting. Chalk one up for internet propaganda.

    • retardonice

      Someone’s got their panties in a bunch…
      How’s the online porn surfing going?

  • Suzaku

    It’s a nice, clean effort (though that battery sticks out like a sore thumb), but why would anyone ride aluminum when modern steel frames can be built just a light?