Gear: Showers Pass Baselayers

Gear: Showers Pass Baselayers

The Pacific Northwest is well-known for its long periods of precipitation and temperature range which naturally creates a test of endurance for the cyclist. Showers Pass is a Portland-based company that has been making it easier to brave the elements, producing a range of waterproof and breathable outerwear specifically tailored for the all-weather cyclist.

Their catalog includes some well-designed and considered jackets, pants, jerseys and tees, gloves and accessories, and they’ve just introduced an integrated merino baselayer system designed to work with their jackets.

From the press release: The Showers Pass design team dedicated months to refining the fibre content of its Body-Mapped Baselayer to achieve a mix that weaves the softness of Modal, the form-fitting and stretchable fit of Spandex, the strength and durability of Nylon with the warmth and odour resistance of Merino Wool. Each component of this custom blend material is proportioned to achieve optimal performance in aerobic outdoor activities.

The Showers Pass Body-Mapped Baselayer is designed to correspond with the ventilation system in the company’s best-selling jacket line. The Baselayer features a body-mapped knit pattern designed to vent out excess heat in the areas where you tend to sweat the most — an important design point for the active users who are fans of the brand’s outerwear. Multiple knit patterns are used to achieve the body-mapping without adding additional seams; the torso is seamless to minimise chafing.

“Baselayers are a natural extension of our product line, but it’s a new category for us. So we wanted to make sure we got it right before bringing it to market,” notes Kyle Ranson, President, Showers Pass. “We surpassed all of our design goals, and are excited to round out our line and offer our customers another well-conceived high performance garment.”

The Showers Pass Body-Mapped Baselayer features a long torso, wide hem, and long sleeves with thumb loops, to accommodate high output outdoor activities such as cycling and running. They are available in a graphite colour in two sizes for both Men (size S/M and L/XL) and Women (size S/M and L/XL), with an SRP of $69.

Showers Pass products are available at cycling and sports outerwear retailers nationwide and overseas. For more information on current Showers Pass products visit their website.

Gear: Showers Pass Baselayers