Godspeed, Ezra Caldwell

Godspeed, Ezra Caldwell

Whenever this website was fortunate enough to feature a bike by Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles, I used to wax lyrical about how it was a good day for Cycle EXIF. Not today. Drifting through my Instagram feed, I came across a photo on Seth Rosko’s profile that informed me of news I had been dreading to hear. After Ezra’s long battle with cancer, “il maestro has left the sphere”.

Initially, it was the simplicity and purity of Ezra’s frames that made such an impact upon me, spearheaded by that big love heart on their head tubes. Then, after learning more about him — his emotionally-loaded photography, his dancing, his woodwork and his hard battle with cancer, I developed a deep respect for this man who crafted such beautiful things from the world around him.

Ezra has left behind the most incredible legacy of craft for us to enjoy, which we will, forever. But more importantly, he has given us a deeper appreciation for our own lives, and an inspiration to joyously ride at every available moment. My deepest condolences to Hillary and your family. Godspeed, Ezra Caldwell. Thank you for making Cycle EXIF all worthwhile.

Godspeed, Ezra Caldwell
Godspeed, Ezra Caldwell
Godspeed, Ezra Caldwell
Godspeed, Ezra Caldwell

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  • some1s_lucky

    Oh man, I just well’d up. Sad news but I’m sure there is a market for his skills on the other side!

  • Stephe

    A beautiful man. I was fortunate to correspond with him in 2013 and he touched me with his down to earth good humour. He will be missed.

  • ccolagio

    his work has always inspired me. his legacy lives on!

  • Chase

    So very sad. Very talented, his work was great.

  • Izas

    Very, very sad news. He touched so many people, he will be sorely missed but, then again, remembered fondly by those who knew him, even if it was just through his work, pictures and blog.

  • He was badass in life, and badass in death. We all should set such an example. My heartfelt condolences to Ezra’s family.

  • MattAtDoyle

    The world was a better place with him in it. RIP