GT Bravado

GT Bravado

GT’s Triple Triangle generates as much brand allegiance as Bianchi’s Celeste and looks like it means business even without any paint. Here’s a single speed conversion of a classic mountain bike that’s been done right, however it could have looked very ordinary had it not been for that frame and the initials of Gary Turner stamped into the end of that top tube. Stripped of the ubiquitous branding and flashy graphics, the frame shines even brighter as the cycling icon that has borne along champions such as Brian Lopes, Nico Vouilloz, Steve Peat and Jill Kintner.

This frame started out as a GT Bravado from 1993 and was most likely a very bright shade of yellow. With the help of a White Industries Eccentric ENO hub this Bravado lost the Shimano Deore XT derailleurs, and morphed into a perfectly capable and functional single speed urban mountain bike. The monochrome scheme has been continued with a set of period correct Magura hydraulic brakes. In fact the only colour on this bike is the Salsa logo on the stem, which has been coupled with a set of Woodchipper bars. Most likely the original rims, the rubber has been replaced with uber-reliable Schwalbe Super Moto tyres and the Shimano DX cranks have had their rings reduced by two and a TA Specialites Pro-Tech chain device has been installed.

The owner of this Bravado, a German flickr user called Torture Machine, has created something entirely different to what originally rolled out of the factory in 1993. He’s created an updated bike that’s subtle and stylish, not only perfectly functional but also perfectly individual.

GT Bravado
GT Bravado
GT Bravado
GT Bravado
GT Bravado
GT Bravado
GT Bravado

  • Steve

    Those hydraulic Maguras are super rare! I suspect we’ll be seeing more of those as disc brakes are now allowed in cyclocross. Beautiful bike!

  • jimmythefly

    Steve, I was thinking the same thing, but read somewhere that the master cylinder isn’t compatible with any of Magura’s disc calipers. That’s just a hazy memory, and things may have changed since it formed. It’ll be cool to see what’s coming down the pipelines for road discs.

    As for this bike, it looks like a killer urban bomber, very nice. It’s a bike I’d like to own, might have to go scouting for old MTB frames!

  • Bryan

    It’s a bummer GT’s have gone downhill, and that Hellenic seatstays are attributed to them. They look cool, but were around for near 50 years before GT

  • Drop2Flat

    how the hell do those levers work with those brakes?

  • zombies ate the fatties first


    bourgeois nonsense

    hydrualic rim brakes…

    just declare bankruptcy

    of imagination

    • Anonymous

      That was almost a Haiku! A sad, bitter Haiku.

  • Daryl Griffith

    Great looking ride! How do you run what looks like regular road brake levers with Maguras?

  • one inch man

    well, those aren’t dx cranks. they are ritchey logic.