Hammarhead Industries Duomatic

Hammarhead Industries Duomatic

The world of custom motorcycles is as dynamic as that of the custom bicycle, and filled with an equal number of passionate and interesting characters. The founder of Hammarhead Industries, James Loughead Ph.D., is one of those people: his custom Ural and Triumph motorcycles are simultaneously raw, urban and sophisticated — and his debut bicycle, the Duomatic, is built to the same standard.

Hammarhead Industries Duomatic

Since roaring onto the custom motorcycle scene a couple of years ago with the Jack Pine, a heavily modified Triumph Scrambler, Hammarhead Industries has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity. Ewan MacGregor even secured himself a sleek Solo X, a blacked out and chopped Ural. James himself is a keen cyclist, preferring to tool around Philadelphia on his Kona Ute and a 1952 Schwinn New World to one of his motorcycles. The Schwinn, with its back pedal brake that negated cables and levers, was the inspiration for the Hammarhead Duomatic.

Hammarhead Industries Duomatic

James secured a stash of NOS Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo DUOMATIC hubs, Michael McGettigan, co-owner of Trophy Bikes, helped source the remaining parts and work began. The frame was donated by IRO Cycle, which was trimmed of extraneous tabs in true Hammarhead fashion, before being shot in matte black. Local artist Adam Smith designed the head badge, which was cast in bronze and nickel-plated.

Hammarhead Industries Duomatic

James reports: “The Duomatic had its debut this summer as the pit bike for our Caffeine and Gasoline tour. At the first stop in Seattle, we had a great response that just grew as we worked our way down the west coast. A short run of five bikes this January has sold out and we will do another small run for the Spring. There are two more bicycles rattling around in my head that I hope to roll out in 2012”.

Hammarhead Industries Duomatic

  • joe

    so its a surly steamroller…

  • doug

    so it’s a torker kickback 2 ($400). or you could pay who-knows-what for expensive motorcycle collabo bike. ummkay.

  • area man

    doesn’t everybody who has ridden bicycles for more than 2 years already have one of these in the garage or basement?

  • marty

    This looks like someone who doesn’t know anything about bicycles found an old frame.

  • ames

    Arhhh I love it!

  • 13strong

    No front brake and no foot retention. Enjoy your facial reconstructive surgery, lady.

    • doug

      it has a coaster brake, but i agree, needs a front brake. my friends own a shop and they sell the torker mentioned above w/out front brakes; makes me queasy. 

  • Chris Berry

    They start with a $249 frame, spray it matte black, tack on some no-name parts, and sell it for $1250. What am I missing?

    • Brazilian Scopel

      Hey, they spent a fortune to produce the advertisement campaign!

  • Paul Avila

    Maybe they could put the front wheel on correctly next time. 

  • Juventino

    How much this?, I’m from México, how I do it?, please, answer at @soyquiroz:disqus  on Twitter.

    P.S. Sorry for my english.

  • Ostromo

    I love this minimalist cycle, but I do not think the price is right! The hammarhead industries has lost the mind

  • cgazzer

    I ordered and paid for a HH day pack back in January 2013 from Hammarhead Industries. There were a lot of excuses provided as to why my order was so delayed so I asked for a refund in July. My order was cancelled on July 19, 2013 and I still don’t have my refund. No one is returning my emails and I can’t locate a phone number for the shop. Don’t waste your money on these thieves!

    • Hand Wound Man

      His mobile phone is 215-205-1876… Just be glad you are just out money for a backpack! James Loughead AKA James Hammarhead disappeared with my deposit for a motorcycle!!! I would LOVE to find this guy!!!

  • JMZ

    FRAUD! Ordered a motorcycle from the James Hammarhead in February with over $7K down. No bike, no money and no way to reach him. HELP! Anyone. Perhaps one big lawsuit

    • Hand Wound Man

      Total fraud! I put a deposit on a bike as well in June of 2012… Have you attempted to call his mobile phone? 215-205-1876… I would LOVE to find this guy!