Healing Freestyler

Healing Freestyler

If you’re like me and think BMX Bandits is still Nicole Kidman’s best work, you’ll also appreciate this Healing Freestyler. Healing was New Zealand’s sister company to Australia’s Malvern Star — manufacturer of virtually every Aussie’s first bike and the bike that got Nicole’s career rolling.

Alex ‘Lix’ Bacskay was given a Healing Freestyler for her 8th birthday in December 1986. Lix is a highly talented artist and designer and musician and passionate fan of old school BMX. She recently completed a painstaking process of locating and restoring a Freestyler to the exact form of her beloved bike. The frame and forks were rescued in New Zealand, where they had been recommissioned as a low rider. Parts were sourced from all over the world and the internet, before being resprayed according to the original Healing colorway. Lix utilized her design skills to recreate the original decals (and a few of her own design), as well as a matching top tube pad made with nylon from a local sail maker.

Lixy’s Healing Freestyler is now virtually identical to the bike she remembered so well from her youth. I would even go so far as to say it’s even better than original, a credit to Lixy’s dedication to her passion and attention to detail. Make sure you check out the full build process and parts list on her website, lixbmx.com. Her portfolio website, Wealth & Hellbeing, is equally as spectacular, featuring album artwork adorned with her ultra-realistic paintings.

Healing Freestyler
Healing Freestyler
Healing Freestyler
Healing Freestyler
Healing Freestyler
Healing Freestyler
Healing Freestyler

  • Matthias Bonjour

    I don’t usually go for BMXes, but this one is breathtakingly stunning! Good work fella!

  • www

    I had an HMX450 and a couple of HMX500’s as a kid. They were really crappy and heavy and them stems kept on snapping off leaving me with nice permanent scars on my chest. Thanks Healing!

    • Haha, oh no, classic. The HMX frames were all manufactured in NZ. I guess I was lucky that the Healing Freestyler was manufactured by Hutch (it’s essentially a Wind Styler frame), and after about 5 years of thrashing on farm tracks and jumps it was still totally solid 🙂 

  • E3design

    Love the build Lixy



  • TonyNYC

    Bob Haro called, he wants back royalties for his type face. 

  • The early 1980s was a great time for BMX… Fun times…

  • Dropoutsbmx

    Great Lake jumper… bout all

  • Fatraxbmx

    Would make a great boat anchor 

    • George C

      The ocean called, they’re running out of shrimp.

  • Awesome article Adam – thanks heaps for the feature! 🙂

  • Albert

    Cw wants its 1986 freestyle frame back…….