Hex American Cycleworks

Hex American Cycle Works

One location in the United States that embodies the spirit of the wild west is Arizona, a region steeped in American Indian culture, stagecoach robberies and mountain lions. It’s also the home to Ron Stanage, a custom frame builder who flies under the banner of Hex American Cycleworks — a name that already sounds synonymous with the region.

Ron honed his skills under the tutelage of Ed Foster, the enigmatic and renowned frame builder at Tucson’s La Suprema Handcrafted Steel. Ron began crafting his own frames in November 2011, and this single speed MTB is one of them. It’s based on the rigid machines from the late 80s and early 90s and features 110mm rear spacing — so Ron could run Profile BMX hubs.

The raw steel finish and elaborate, hand-carved head badge, coupled with the crisp ENVE, King and Profile components draw this Hex straight out of a Smith & Wesson catalog. Ron hasn’t got a website yet, but until he does, you can reach him via email .

Hex American Cycle Works
Hex American Cycle Works
Hex American Cycle Works
Hex American Cycle Works

  • rugged like the far west of ‘ol times…

  • mccubbins

    made of awesome!

  • Brutal

  • area man

    lugs, standard diameter tubing and a top tube that doesn’t slope…perfection.

  • Emiliano Jordan

    Dig everything about this. Including the amo box, and extension cord.

  • drew

    this is a bad ass bike.
    one in a million