Horse Cycles

Horse Cycles

When I first laid eyes on the ‘Priest Sport’ from Brooklyn’s Horse Cycles, the first thing that sprang to mind was one of Picasso’s cubist paintings. Both are simultaneously fluid and angular, rigid yet full of motion. Handmade bicycles are works of art in themselves, but when they are created by those that are also artists of other media, it’s possible to see their frames as further extensions of their style.

In that case, it’s incorrect to compare Thomas Callahan’s frames to a Picasso when we should be drawing similarities between his own paintings. Callahan has a gallery of his paintings on his other site, devoted to his artistic outlets. After perusing his paintings, the frames take on another dimension. The hues and shades of the paint, the graphic elements against the stark background and the subtle, ingenious details that become obvious the longer one observes.

But don’t let the creative canvas put you off, this is one serious machine, just as comfortable on the track as the street. Straight blade Columbus MAX forks and tig welded Columbus Life tubes, and a masterfully executed integrated seat mast. The feature I most admire is that bar and stem combo—so smooth and modular. The profile shot accentuates how perfectly the angles are lining up on this bike.

To really appreciate the art behind this build, have a look at the paintings of Thomas Callahan and keep an eye on his website. He’ll be reconstructing it shortly with a few more projects that he’s currently working on. Photo credit: Blaine Davis.

Horse Cycles
Horse Cycles
Horse Cycles
Horse Cycles

  • anonymous coward

    That saddle angle is embarrassing.

  • simple

    not to mention that flat tyre! But that is a nice looking bike. ISP = love!

  • Can you imagine how ridiculous you would look with that setup? Ass 3 feet higher than your head.

    Why is that stem so aggressively angled down?

  • dobbs

    It’s a pursuit frame. Yeah, it’s ridiculous, but no crazier than the guy I saw waiting for the bus with his Daccordi pursuit bike earlier this evening. No joke.


  • Andrew, Google funny bike, or pursuit frame… You’ll be amazed!

  • Bruce

    Horse dropout cutouts are awesome details… rest of bike too customizable. defeats the purpose of originality.

  • Anto

    Nice build.. I like th color combination between purple & black.. sweet but also looks like a BADASS..

  • Simon

    It is an average appropriation of Sasha Whites work. From the dropouts to the seat mast integration, this feels like an awkward form of flattery. Hopefully in a few more years a individual style with unique solutions will develop.