Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

Thomas Callahan’s Horse Brand Co. launched recently, showcasing American-made goods and his handmade Urban Tour bikes. This stainless steel town bike is an addition to that line, a concise summary of Thomas’ style and ethos.

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

Reynolds 931 tubing was used, a thicker tubing as compared to their 953 tubes. Where 953 is paper-thin, 931 is beefed up by a tenth of a millimetre, which may seem insignificant but makes for a more resilient frame — ideal for urban tourers.

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

“This is a portuer-style track bike with full fenders and front rack capabilities,” Thomas informs us. “Super rad 7000 series aluminum Phil cranks, hubs and bottom bracket and a Paul ‘Tall and Handsome’ seat post. H+Son rims, King headset. Super nice build, super smooth.”

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie
Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

It’s a classy-yet-functional bike, from the copper-railed Brooks B17 saddle, down to the fork. “The fork is also stainless steel, using KVA’s stainless fork blades,” say Thomas. “Right now I believe they are the only tube manufacturer drawing stainless fork blades.”

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

There’s nothing like a slew of Phil Wood & Co components to emphasise an American-made frame, as they’re one of the oldest manufacturers in the US and, along with Paul Components, have been constantly supplying us with innovative design and machining.

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

Solid, reliable and homegrown — which is what Thomas Callahan and Horse Brand Co. is all about. Head to the website for more information and the Horse Cycles flickr stream for more detail shots. Special thanks to Thomas for the words and pictures.

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

  • jeremynorth

    This could be a lovely bike. There is only one thing missing; paint. That would have transformed it into a thing of great beauty, but as it is, it is drab, just like the concrete and tarmac background.

    • Sebastian

      Well, that and a front rack. Shoulda thrown one of those Paul flatbed jawns on there. Anyway, it looks like a treat to ride, and that drivetrain is gorgeous.

  • Phillip

    Well it’s stainless steel so it can be left without paint. It’s got some really nice components too including that very expensive Phil Wood track crank groupo set which alone goes for $830. Personally I don’t care for the inverted brake lever which looks out of place on such an otherwise high end build, but that is just my own preference. Yes Reynolds 931 frame with top of the food chain Phil Wood and Paul components is the way to go no doubt.

  • Harum Scarum

    {{Jenky looking}} And why do I need a “portuer-style track bike”? The only thing I remember Lutz Hesslich ever “portuering” was a massive upper torso on his way to victory.

  • Virgil Q Staphbeard

    Great build! The only thing bugging me is the placement of the brake bridge.

  • George

    Raw stainless is fine, but the builder didn’t even clean up the silver brazing filler that was left on the tubes. paint or no paint, that’s kinda sloppy

  • Noah

    Umm. How is that bike not tipping over? Invisible kickstand?

  • James Moore

    absolutely beautiful.