Keith Anderson Custom

Keith Anderson Custom

Keith Anderson is one of the most talented sprayers out there. I’ve been his flickr contact for a while now and every upload just blows me away. Located in Oregon, you should drop him a line if your standards are nothing less than the highest and you need a frame sprayed or restored to better than original condition.

He’s also a builder, and this is a 2009 show bike inspired by his three sons. It’s actually up for sale, at around US$7,500, I hope it goes to a good home. It took four years to complete, and it shows. The attention to detail is nothing short of spectacular, with hand-shaped fenders hewn from paduak and wenge, complete with paua shell inlay around the fenders and chain guard. To replicate that iconic sound of a Bicycle playing card flapping against the spokes, Keith has integrated a carbon fibre card mounted onto the frame. The paint is a custom mixed Tahitian Blue, which really sets off the Magura disc brakes and the Brooks leather grips.

If you’ve been thinking that the paint on your iconic frame needs a restoration but was unsure who had the skill to truly bring it back to life, have a look at the Keith Anderson flickr stream for all the testament you need. You can contact Keith through his website. Special thanks to photographer Chris Wimpey for perfectly capturing Keith’s work.

Keith Anderson Custom
Keith Anderson Custom
Keith Anderson Custom
Keith Anderson Custom
Keith Anderson Custom
Keith Anderson Custom

  • BHA1

    Neat. Clean fabrication, excellent color harmony, radical design. Refreshing to see this kind of work come from pro builders; his asking price is a steal given the amount of work that went into it.

  • Coolest. Cruiser. Ever. Does anyone know if Keith has ties to Utah? I remember seeing a few examples of his work down in the Moab area back in the early to mid 90s.

  • Pamberjack

    Really cool bike, which is much more than I can say for that awful backdrop.

    Guessing Keith travelled back in time to a 1984 shopping mall photo studio to shoot the bike…

  • Malcolm Brooks

    beautiful and clean design, LOVE it!

  • dobbs

    Is that seriously a carbon fiber card bolted to the chainstay for making motorcycle noises? Ha!

    Beautiful bicycle, but it’s proportions look a bit uncomfortable.


  • Keith is an amazing talent and and super cool guy. I believe he is from Indianapolis, but has lived in many places including Moab and Salt Lake. He used to build a lot more and you would very likely have seen lots of his bikes in Moab in the early 90s. You guys are right–the asking price is a bargain!

  • Riot

    Other than the disc brakes and seat tube, I think it’s awesome

  • Morpheous

    …Beautiful, Just dont dare try to pedal while banked in…..