Levis Commuter Bike Shop

Levis Commuter Bike Shop

I’ve always admired the lines of the Levis Commuter line. They’re celebrating their Fall 2013 Collection by bringing the Commuter Bike Shop to a town near you, a mobile LBS staffed by expert mechanics, ready to give your ride a tuneup and skilled tailors who’ll give you a bespoke fit. Unfortunately, no Aussie city is on the list but if you live in Portland, Denver, Austin, Minneapolis, San Fran or Brooklyn, be sure to meet up with the mobile Commuter Bike Shop on the dates listed below.

Levis Commuter Bike Shop

  • Chris Carpenter

    Ha!, The guy in the picture above also models for Rapha!

    • Lukas Hodgson

      That’s Garrett Chow. He’s an industrial designer for Specialized and MASH SF, as well as being a MASH SF team rider (and collaborating with Rapha and Levi’s). I ride one of his Globe bikes.

  • Aurelio1

    Off topic! What kind of shortsleeveshirt is the asian guy wearing? Looks awesome!