Lynskey M230

Lynskey M230

Lynskey Performance Designs have been producing some of the finest titanium frames and accessories in one form or another for around 25 years. The Lynskey family founded Litespeed Titanium components in 1986, which was sold in 1999. It wasn’t long before they once again got the itch and Lynskey Performance Designs was born.

This is Ricardo Wang’s Lynskey M230, a 2010 model, for 2011 Lynskey has amended the M230’s layout with a curved down tube. Ricardo has dressed his up with a blend of Shimano XTR and boutique after-market upgrades: Hope X2 Race calipers and levers, Yumeya barrel adjusters and crank bolts, BK Composite carbon shifter brackets, a Syntace F99 stem with titanium bolts, Easton EC90 bars and a Tune Komm-Vor saddle. KNC ceramic jockey wheels complete a build that has resulted in a mountain bike that’s as much a finely crafted watch as a bicycle.

Big thanks to Ricardo Wang for sharing his images, we’ll look forward to seeing his latest build…

PS: A special thanks and welcome to Traffic Cycle Design, our latest advertiser. Traffic Cycles is a fabrication and design shop based in Southampton, New York. They can help you realize your dream bike, whether it’s a commuter, road bike, tourer or mountain bike. Check out their website and flickr stream, they’re helping to keep the wheels of Cycle EXIF turning.

Lynskey M230
Lynskey M230
Lynskey M230
Lynskey M230
Lynskey M230
Lynskey M230
Lynskey M230
Lynskey M230

  • Troy van Trienen

    Titanium MTB + XTR = off-road equal librium

    • Doug

      Equilibrium: the condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced.
      …. ?

  • Pabl069

    Wank …. real riders have better things to do than take photos of their pristine bike. Really. It’s a nice bike but a bike’s only as good as what you do with it. Otherwise it’s bike porn. Sorry …. GAY bike porn. In case you didn’t know, some of the reasons riders opt for mountain bike riding is because it’s technical, dirty and down to earth. This article does not reflect this. I’ve recently seen a LOVELY titanium job get snapped in half. WAS a great bike but it had it’s day. Stop drooling over the bike and show us how you use it. Or better yet, put your hard earned money into changing the legal gears that seem to be forcing bikes off the streets. If you don’t believe me, ask Lance Armstrong. America is the least bike friendly country he has ever ridden in. Australia’s on par. No bee in my bonnet. Think about it. What good’s a bike if it’s a chore to ride it anywhere? I don’t live in Oz or the US but I have in the past. Way to get insulted on the road! Most US and Australian cities have bicycle lane networks like dropped plates of spaghetti. Yay .. I can go to the coffee shop 😐 Again, quite happy I ain’t livin there.

    • mudplug

      maybe, but i only come here for the photos, specs & stories of interesting bikes :/
      isn’t that what the site’s about?

      you gotta take some clean, freshly-built photos so you have contrast when it gets muddy 😉
      well that’s what i do anyway!

  • Pabl069

    BTW the bike ain’t that special. Shimano? Sorry for not toeing the ‘cycle party’ line but it looks like a late 90’s mtb bike. Again .. Gay bike porn.

  • Lew

    The positioning of the levers seems really weird, miles out there and too close to the grips, like it is just been sitting in shop. Flat bar and long stem and foam grips do make it seem kinda 90’s/early 00’s old school all non-technical, but in a bad way.

    I thought that most people would have switched over to low rise wide bars with short stems and/or be running a 2×9/2×10/1×9/1×10 drive train by now. Also with MTBs is there any harm photographing them with a bit of dirt on them?

    Maybe some more aggressive, dirtier, oddball, self-build all mountain and dirt jump/urban bikes would make for a more interesting feature. Like BMX these bike frames don’t need to be built in a boutique frame building shop to be good or cool.

  • Ricardo

    Thank you for your opinions. The pictures was taken just after I built the bike. I use the bike on a regular basis. I don’t race nor do I like riding in the wet mud.

    I ride off road when it’s dry thats why I run Furious Freds.

    Lew, This is a cross country bike not an All Mountain and I don’t just ride down hill.

    Everything on this bike works well for me and serves a purpose, may not be to everybodies taste. but it’s built for me and the way I ride.

    Pabl069 – real riders also don’t talk shit too..

    • Heywood

      Hey Ricardo, Nice bike, no need to make excuses to the likes of Pabl069, he’s obviously at the wrong site and a little insecure about his masculinity. Then again maybe maybe he is not male at all.

  • zombies ate the fatties first

    I do find it annoying that frame makers mostly show photos of the branded componentry to the exclusion of the whole bike; Like an architect shooting the furniture.

    Is it a hot frame? Who knows? Its out of focus in all but one shot.