Marc Jacobs Bamboo Bike

Marc Jacobs Bamboo Bike

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs leads a pretty charmed life, to say the least. Born in 1963, he’s the head designer for his own fashion house, has been the creative director of Louis Vuitton since 1997, made Time magazine’s “2010 Time 100” list of the 100 most influential people in the world and has recently been named the new creative director for Diet Coke. So it’s about time he included a bamboo bike in the ‘Special Items‘ chapter of his new lookbook.

Colorado’s Panda Cycles have been creating stylish bicycles from a combination of steel and bamboo since 2008. The brainchild of a group of passionate Global Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurs, and engineer and inventor, William Lord Reeves, attracted the eye of Marc Jacobs, who collaborated with them on his own bike project. Dressing the lugged steel and bamboo frame is a full complement of Velo Orange components. Here’s looking forward to seeing this riding this down the catwalk.

Marc Jacobs Bamboo Bike
Marc Jacobs Bamboo Bike
Marc Jacobs Bamboo Bike
Marc Jacobs Bamboo Bike

  • Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

    His fenders are installed very poorly.

    • David McGowan

      I was thinking the same – seems like somebody would have given the struts a tweak before snapping that shot.

  • Phillip

    It would go well if you have a Flintstones’ car.

  • tom

    The racks and saddle are all sitting at different angles

    • Phillip

      It’s probably hard to get things to line up due to the non-uniformity of the bamboo pieces. That’s why I said it appears to be like a Fred Flintsone car.

  • lloydy

    Pissed as a hand cart.

  • marc jacobs for marc by marc

    The build quality of these bikes are terrible. They spent a lot of money on them and the workmanship is still really bad. This is one project Velo Orange shouldn’t have teamed up on.

  • snapoutovit

    Another poorly built bamboo bike giving the material a bad name, a badly polished turd.

  • Folke Hirt

    … just finished some R&D of “true-2-size” bamboo-tubes in Shanghai, China. I am a German guy, living and working here for 17 years.

    The “BIONIC-bamboo-tubes” can be designed, engineered and then produced in all kind of forms, diameters, thicknesses and fiber-layout (according stress loads or personal requirements).

    Even the knots can be done the traditional way without doing with hemp and epoxy for days…

    Now I am looking out for interested individuals and companies, willing to cooperate in development bikes with the approach to step into mass-production one day.

    If interested just send me a mail: [email protected]

    A PDF with all info is available.

    You all have a fine day !

    P.S.: If it’s not allowed to post such infomercial here, I would be very sorry. Just delete it and inform me about other ways to get in touch with bamboo-bike-builders.