Marshall ‘Loose Goose’

Marshall 'Loose Goose'

The fourth annual Pushies Galore bicycle show takes place this weekend in Brisbane which, if any of the previous events can be used as a benchmark, will prove to be the most memorable yet. A few surprises will be unveiled at the show, one of which is this pursuit bike, modified and customised by an industrial designer named Brad Marshall.

Marshall 'Loose Goose'
Marshall 'Loose Goose'

Brad referenced the innovative geometries of well-known pursuit frames such as the famous Takhions and Textimas. Brad’s creation actually started off as a bog-standard lugged CrMo road frame, to which a new integrated seat mast was brazed, along with aero gussets at each tube junction and a custom fork with a stem integrated into the crown.

Marshall 'Loose Goose'
Marshall 'Loose Goose'

“Perhaps the most unique features of this bike are the components I’ve designed and had custom made,” Brad tells us. “The bike features a number of 3D-printed parts including: stainless steel stem cap, high-detail stainless steel head badge and BB serial badge, headset/steerer cap, and handle bar end plugs.

Marshall 'Loose Goose'

“Along with the printed parts, there is a custom designed and CNC+EDM-machined aluminium hub body, made specifically for the carbon disc to carry a custom splined stainless steel track cog that is adjustable for tweaking the chain line. The bike also features a custom CNC-machined 54T chainring and a modified saddle mount for the seat-mast.”

Marshall 'Loose Goose'

The build is rounded out with a hand-polished Shimano 600 crankset, a suitable Kashimax Aero NJS ostrich skin saddle, a Tange Levin NJS Headset and genuine pursuit bullhorns — believed to be Textima. It’s all led by a stripped-and-hand-polished Mavic Cosmic front wheel. The final touch were these impeccable photos, taken by Matt Leasegang.

Marshall 'Loose Goose'

  • Jack Luke

    But he couldn’t tension the chain. Tragic.

    • Adam

      Track slack

  • geoff Duke

    Very impressive finished item but a little bit of a shame to go to all that work on the components and put them on a frame that is really just and average frame nicely tarted up. Would have been nice to see them mounted on a custom frame.

  • Matt

    A great testament to Brad Marshall that he made such a beautiful bike from a standard CrMo frame. A truly unique bike, I can’t wait to see more from this guy.
    Well done, Brad!

  • Dainius

    so everything wrong with this bike,but it’s just not make’s no sense to point any..

    • There’s not as much wrong with the bike as there is with that sentence.

  • Leonardo

    it looks great, but the tension of the chain… bbrrrrrrr….

    • spikebat

      Track slack….look it up

      • Martin Riis

        the chain tension is not okay… and quick release on at track bike???!!!

        • spikebat

          Completely agree on the QR but the chain tension is ok with the owner apparently…

          • bjornturun

            Check out Coppi’s track bikes. QR front & rear.

          • spikebat

            Can’t argue with that then……he’ll know better than me

  • byron loibl

    this thing is fantastic for 1984. hope your wrists are in shape because that saddle is going to be pushing you off all day long.

  • oppi_oppi

    anyone knows what front rims those are? thanx

    • Brad

      The front wheel is an old Mavic Cosmic.