Mcfly Custom Prototype

Mcfly Custom Prototype

The spirit of ingenuity and engineering is not dead in Belgium, as Antoine Hotermans illustrates with this homemade frame. Viewed as a collection of individual parts, it may seem a little rough around the edges but as a whole, it’s a gritty, industrial machine from the streets of Brussels.

Antoine works with both bicycles and motorcycles in his spare time under the moniker of Mcfly Custom. As you’d expect for a city founded in 979 A.D., there are plenty of outdated or discarded frames to be found as donor bikes, which Antoine will welcome into his workshop with open arms.

His Prototype, though, is a ‘new’ fabrication: steel sections were drilled and brazed into a ‘track’ frame and assembled with vintage parts, including bonnet handles from a Citröen 2CV which double as bar ends. Stained Ghisallo rims, an Ideale saddle and engraced Campagnolo cranks complete the picture.

Art or engineering? What do you see? Head to the Mcfly Custom Facebook page to see more.

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Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype
Mcfly Custom Prototype

  • Kilroy

    I love it, and would love to ride it. I imagine that the feeling of mashing those pedals may well be unique in the world of bicycles.

  • mountainmulecycles

    strangely appealing, bit of a rat moto feel about it.. 🙂

  • Dainius

    what a waist of sutch good part’s..

    • McFly Custom

      haters gonna hate

  • Nicholas

    Brussels rider here. I’ve seen that bike from a couple local facebook groups. Sweet!

  • Jim Holland

    Might have gone for a bit more tire clearance on the front there!

  • kiefr

    It’s certainly cool to look at. The leather saddle, the shiny hubs and crank arms and the rusty frame and fork all combine to offer a bizarre visual platter. I imagine it would be a nightmare to ride though, likely very heavy (even with all the “added lightness”) and probably not very forgiving over bumps. I’d put it in my living room but I doubt I’d ever take it out for a ride.

    • McFly Custom

      It is very nice to drive, it weighs only 10.5 kg

      • SebPep

        Having ridden it, I can confirm it’s surprizingly agile and comfy, even for a bike with such a short geometry ! 🙂

  • curl of the burl

    Really attractive. It’s got that stripped down look without looking fragile. It’d look like a machine and a half when your riding it. With those hollows in the frame, does it make a mean sound when you pick up speed?

  • jazz bike

    It’s a steam punk bike! Awesome concept.

  • The Rascals Cats

    Great Bike ….Great Job…. Great BUilder ….
    What else, very glad to help you my friend ..
    See you

  • Biker

    what gear ratio is that? big chainring.

  • Dick

    I really like this bicycle.

    It has a tenderness, delicatenes rafinement, for me.
    It looks that every part passed your eyes and intuition.
    I got the fantasie, that making this bicycle was a long way of fitting,trying and chainging.

    And the result has at first ,a duality,roughness/tenderness.
    The tenderness wins in my opinion.

    Hope you will make much more bikes and bicycle in your life,

    Regards Dick Zonderman

  • Anton Rodman

    Nice! Rough and ready drilled industrial rat style Frankenstein. This one is interesting to say the least. But it has grown on me. Cool Curtis Odom Holey hubs. If Mad Max had a bike this would be it. And I like Mad Max and I like the bike. Its not perfect and that’s what I like about it.

  • How can I get one? Love it.