Miyata Mixte

Miyata Mixte

Well, it looks like the mixte has grown up. ‘Mixte’ is a direct appropriation of the French word meaning ‘mixed’ or ‘unisex’: despite the fact that it shares the same form as a ladies step-through frame, a discerning man about town may ride one without a question (albeit ignorant) about his masculinity.

Mixtes have never gained entry into a gentleman’s realm of de rigueur urban transport, although why is beyond me. Once again, it has required the highly evolved nose for design of the Dutch to realize the mixte’s potential. A pair of H Plus Son deep dish rims combine with the sculptural lines of the frame to provide a striking silhouette which tapers off to a pair of bullhorn bars. The sheen of polished aluminum is reflected by a fine example of drillium around the chain ring, which provides drive to a coaster hub in the rear. Could this be the black roll-neck wearing Volvo XC90 of the bicycle world?

Shot on location by zonderman at the Fabriek NL showroom.

Miyata Mixte
Miyata Mixte
Miyata Mixte
Miyata Mixte
Miyata Mixte
Miyata Mixte

  • ironhill2whlr

    I enjoy seeing old steel re-purposed into fun, slick, & usable alternative formats like this. And I’ve always loved the form of twin-tubed mixtes…very comfortable & very elegant as around town transport. Depending on what they’re made from, they will get up & go pretty nicely, too. Thanks for posting this.

    By the way, don’t know if it’s possible or permitted by you, but could the images you post be enabled with a click-to-make-it larger feature for those subjects not captured close enough to scrutinize the detail? Not meant as a nit-pick…I really enjoy your efforts here!

  • Wow, this is making me regret building up my cross check for commuting. A Mixte would be much more dignified. (Not having to throw my leg up and over the top tube in such a lewd madder.)

  • Teo

    Sorry, I love fixies, but this one just screams “poser”…

    Uhm… wait! Is that a coaster brake? Ugh!… even more poser 🙁

    • Josh

      Uhm…Ugh… all fixies scream “poser”.

    • po po

      Your Cinelli Mash or whatever it is you’re riding screams poser. This is something completely different.

  • If I had that studio…. 

  • I had to think about this one for awhile. Having done so, I’ve realized this bike makes alot of sense. I’ll explain, unlike your average fixed gear this bike actually has a brake which is smart, but even better yet, the mixtie frame allows the cool urban youth (hipster) to wear his skinny jeans without ripping out the crotch every time he hoists his leg over the saddle.  Somebody was actually thinking when they put this one together…

  • Onelesspedestrian

    My favourite part is the drillium chainring with alternating big-small-big holes. I could just sit and stare at that ring.

    Having said that, an un-wrapped bullhorn bar SCREAMS poser. Do people really want to be gored by a sharp metal tube? Maybe posers do. And those pedals will always flop he wrong way like that, it would drive me around the bend!

    But all in all it’s pretty awesome. Tape up some townie style bars and I’d love it.

  • Keir

    I really like this and I dont really know why.  Not wrapped in the bullhorns and would prefer a porteur arrangement but I kind of like the look of a mixte frame.  It might be because I like old Peugeots but there is something about this. An internal geared hub, a Nitto M12 rack on the front and this would be a pretty damn sweet commuter!

  • Countrysk8

    All I hear here is Poser this and Poser that… you guys are such bike troll/turds/nerds… All and All the This individual was working with a Mixte frame and providing another option other than the trendy ass towny basket by the book mixte look that is out there. He pulled it off with style. Snob is an understatement to describe most of you. What even happened to the love of taking an older bike and pimping it a bit. you guys ever the the movie Hot Dog?

  • me

    Ok bike…..”hipsters” suck…..