MLS Gravity Bike

Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike

Jeff Tiedeken, Aerospace Welder and Party Animal, has taken gravity bike design to a whole ‘nother level with his latest creation. As a side project he fabricated this downhill demon that’s so close to an engine-less motorcycle it’s sure to turn up a few puritanical noses. I’m amazed he had the time, in between building penny-farthings, trials and cargo bikes and working on projects with Exile Motorcycles, Disney Imagineering and Performance Machine.

Jeff was slated to exhibit his craft at this year’s NAHBS but was eventually refused entry, which was actually a blessing, as he was able to devote the extra time to perfecting the creations that were due to be shown. His gravity bike features elegant curves constructed from 4130 steel that belie a great structural integrity, as do the single-sided fork and rear end. In fact, the close-up shots reveal burly engineering and masterful welds, which happens to be a trademark of Jeff’s. That’s a 26” Crossmax Lefty wheelset, with deceleration provided by a pair of Avid Elixr hydraulic disc brakes. A pair of swap meet cranks are both set backwards and provide motorcycle-style footpeg struts.

Kyle from Trackosaurus Rex, one of my favorite reads, had the opportunity to take it for a spin with Jeff, and informs us he reached speeds around 50mph — but the potential is there to achieve speeds of up to 70mph. We can also thank Kyle for the fantastic shots; check out more shots of the bike in action on his flickr. There’s also video footage on Jeff’s blog, Monkey Likes Shiny.

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Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike
Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity BikeMonkey Likes Shiny Gravity Bike

  • This makes me positively giddy. I love it.

  • w

    Its wheelbase is waaay too short and a conventional fork has less frontal area.

  • Byron Loibl

    i love this bike. i am probably one of the “puritanical” folks mentioned above, but this machine just fascinates me. anybody who says anything bad about this has no imagination. craftsmanship and engineering is superb. lucky for everyone else he didn’t display at NAHBS, how many perfect candy gloss paint jobs can one see in a day?

  • Mostlypedals

    So stellar! One day I hope to pilot a GPV down Tioga Pass or some other equally nutzo hill. My only gripe(s)? Some nice dual-compound tires would be more confidence inspiring than, uh, Fortes – Schwalbe and Continental both make some sweet 559 ISO tires. Second, SRAM has recognized that they fouled up pretty bad on those first-gen Elixirs (read: sometimes they work, often they, well, don’t); some Hopes might complement the patina of the bike well.

    But what do I know – all the cranks on my bikes move!

    Again, an unbelievably beautiful creation with unthinkable potential. I think I need to go change my pants now…

  • The only thing this awesome bike needs is some really deep rims, like Zipp 80mm 1080s.

  • Dual Righties!

  • Kevin MacDonald

    This thing is sexy. Props to the owner, makes me damn jealous….

  • Anonymous

    I’d feel safer with a longer wheel base, but that would defeat the purpose of the bike!

  • Mule

    That is fucking Gnarly!!! Kinda short of wheelbase though. Please paint the frame soon..

    • Ozymandius

      Agreed about wheelbase. But I like it unpainted.

  • Scrotie Saves

    Looking at the bike, I never would have guessed it had been built by someone with an engineering background. I can’t believe that he would mount the brakes backwards…

    • Kevin MacDonald

      If the brakes work, he didn’t mount them incorrectly. He just mounted them differently than the suggested way. No big deal.

      • Scrotie Saves

        The force from braking is pulling the brakes off of the fork/frame. Look at any professionally built frame designed to accomodate disk brakes and you will see that the mounts push the brakes into the mounts, not tear them off.

        •  @5241ead6589f7ad27b6c82d2fa332b55:disqus

          i agree.

          i like it, but…  even moto gp bikes mount the calipers so the braking force pushes in to the fork tubes. if that one weld in front breaks at 60mph that caliper is going into the wheel…

          i’m also not sure why the builder chose to use two cranks. seems like it would be cleaner to just weld a peg to the frame stay on the right and add a curved sub frame to hold the peg on the left?

          it does look awesome though.

          • Killin’ it

            Why has no one realised that disc brakes are designed for the left side and there’s no left side to this bike!

    • William Dicke

      Look at most modern TT bikes…. the brakes are mounted under the bottom bracket.

    • William Dicke

      Look at most modern TT bikes…. the brakes are mounted under the bottom bracket.

  • Sunny

    is there really a right side to put a brake? I bet there is over a million vehicles around the world that have calipers mounted to the front of the rotor. I bet Scrotie Saves has a better bike in his shop……

  • Jeb89

    @Scrotie Saves, at 70 mph it won’t matter; the rotors will melt before the calipers tear off of the frame. This bike is donk! Too good.

  • Loggiabike

    What, no fairing?

  • Holy cow, nice idea! I can see that it has been made to go fast!

    I’d love to make my own one but for mountain road hairpin handling and less straight line, knee down? 🙂 Wider bars, some wider rims and tires with a longer wheelbase. I think I’d go with some more off-road downhill components, Code R 203 brakes 31 inch bars with 2cm rise and short stem, maybe super short suspension travel front and rear…..dreaming……that’s a totally different bike.

  • Teo

    This is…… wow! 🙂

  • Zombies ate the fatties first

    This is not a cycle by any definition.

  • Yes it is. By every definition.

    *meant as a reply to loggiabike

  • Lostindwoods

    love the custom touches but first thought was wheel base is short…


    • Huffster

      I believe he used larger wheels to offset the short wheelbase

  • Lukeman1850

    What about the taller people among us? Maybe a scaled up version?

  • whaaat

    how does it go?

    • Scrotie Saves

      Down a grade

  • PopsRacer

    This “pumps my ‘nards!”

  • Fg34

    Sorry he used avid brakes. Better choice to go shimano saint. brakes you can trust.

  • Fg34

    Sorry he used avid brakes. Better choice to go shimano saint. brakes you can trust.

  • George Rossmann

    Nothing wrong with the wheelbase. Although gravity bikes are supposed to have 24 inch wheels to compete. (In most classes anyways) Just nitpicking, I’m jealous.

  • Michael Wallis Jr

    And on the 8th day, the Righty Rear Swing-Arm was born. Finally.

  • Anonymous

    I’m no speed demon… but I’d love to give this a try!

  • Gelu

    and what would never change is that wheels are circle 😛

  • bgaudy

    Awesome: formidable, amazing, heart-stirring, wonderful

  • geoff

    As a builder of bikes that normaly have pedals I have to say that I love the asthetic of this thing. Reminds me of an old style cafe racer motorcycle

  • When I first saw this I was speechless. It’s undeniably pretty, until the picture of someone riding it (looks too cramped, like it was built for someone else). And like Lanny Shay I’m disappointed with the cranks as knee supports. Why not just design something more in keeping with the awesome fabrication in there already. It’s surely not a difficult thing to produce, and those cranks look out of place.

    What bothers me most though is that this could never be a competitive gravity bike. Never mind that it has a silly short wheelbase (I’m no geometry expert but that doesn’t look anything other than ‘twitchy’), he’s completely ignored the fact that gravity bikes are limited to 20 inch wheels.

  • scalleywag

    Crazy. The back drop out is awesome.

  • Dan

    All he needs now is a messenger bag and a pair of capris