Mongoose Triple Threat

Mongoose Triple Threat

There was a time when Mongoose had the holeshot on the competition, due to Skip Hess’ vision and entrepreneurial ingenuity. At the dawn of BMX evolution, when wheelsets were struggling to stand up to the abuse metered out to them, the 356 aluminum alloy Motomag wheels were born. The Mongoose timeline continued to evolve, eventually including some of the most desirable bikes of the day.

The 1990s are now generically referred to as the ‘mid-school’ era, and in 1997, BMX mega-star Brian Lopes popped over the start gate with a geared bike, creating a massive furor amongst the purists. Mongoose, true to their form, released the frame in a limited run of 25. The frames were assembled by Frank The Welder at Kinesis from 6061 aluminum. Oliver Gibson is the proud owner of #24, equipped with a custom pair of 26″ AMP forks cut down to 20″ by John at Sydney’s Cycle Underground. The gears are shifted by Mavic’s ZAP elctronic derailleur system over a 7 speed micro drive cassette, and hauled up by Avid Arch Supreme calipers and Ultimate levers. The whole unit is rolling on a pair of Araya rims laced to Suntour XC Pro ‘grease guard’ hubs.

For those with an appreciation of Mongoose’s glory days, head to Special thanks to Oliver Gibson for the photo opportunity, check out his amazing Diamondback F1 here.

Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat
Mongoose Triple Threat

  • Crazypandakills

    It’s like nothing I’ve seen before,and don’t want………….

  • Toots

    Why did someone build this?

  • Chuck

    It’s like waking up after a bad dream

  • Chuck

    I’ve heard of Old School,but this

  • C Page

    I like it

  • KazLou

    Why would anyone go through all the trouble to build this…unless maybe they are a little person?

  • Dennis

    People act like the Académie française of bikes up in here. Why *not* build this bike? It seems like the fun of putting it together is reason enough. And I’d ride that bike around; I’ll bet it’s pretty great. I read an article in Surfer Magazine once about how the former world champion, Tom Curren, would do things like saw pieces off his boards or glass on weird fins just to see how the result would ride. This bike seems like a similar project. Vive le Frankenbike!

    • Adam

      I concur. I’m glad this bike is causing the same consternation as the original did in 1997. It’s a credit to Skip’s bravery and enterprise. Call it foolish, but no-one got nowhere without experimentation.

    • michi

      i´m with you – this is so cool

  • Jojpopmini

    I would say this bike would be a bit of fun to ride and your comments only show how closed minded you truely are.
    The zap system worked well back in the day , sure it was not perfect.
    Good on him for having a bit of Fun building this bike!

  • Lew

    This is for a city, makes no sense at all. One gear is best for a city, three are logical if you live in a hilly city. 12 gears? Function fail.

    It’s geared like a race bike, but having small wheels it will never keep up, it has the frame and wheels of a BMX yet looks too heavy to jump, which makes it pointless, unless you are 4 foot tall then it makes sense.

  • Olly

    It is more than a bit sad to see how many people have such strong opinions on a bike they have never ridden nor have they ridden anything like it .
    This bike is not going to tick all the boxes for everyone and from when it was first released it had people that said- why do this ,bmx is perfect the way it is . I love bmx the way it is on the track , but on the street it is way to slow.

    Change is good for everyone –  bikes need to evolve and go in different directions .It would be a boring world with out change for the better or worse.
    I’m sure you have all ridden a bmx ,but add some gears (14) and your not stuck doing 25kph on the flat ,I’m still pedaling at 50kph on this bike Sure -.It is a bit harder to keep the pace up than on 26″ or 700c wheels -but it is no big deal..
    The chain rings have ramps on them and it is easy to change in to the big ring while out of the saddle and the seat can go upto get a better riding position.
    I find it is perfect for the city streets it is fast, turns on a dime and is pretty damn fun to ride and at 9.4kg it is not to bad at small jumps.
    If anything , I hope people would just dare to try something different , even just for the hell of it .

    • Lew

      Mountain bike riders who ride big mountains are going 1×9 and 1×10 en-mass with chain-guides and tensioners, so excuse me for hating on the front derailleur setup. To me it’s just wrong on a city bike adding ugly mess and weight that isn’t needed. If you had put a single ring BMX type crank on the front you could have deflected 90% of the negative comments.

      Actually 9.4KG is pretty OK, you could have quite a lot of fun on it.

      • Olly

        I tried chain guides when I first built it , but they were large and made a lot of noise (this was ten years ago). It has a Euro BB ,so not a big range of bmx cranks to go on it at the time.
        I had some Cook bros cranks off a mates old bike ,they fitted well and the derailleur keeps the chain on .

    • Steve

      Hi Olly,I’ve raced & ridden BMX since 1979.i don’t wish to get into this debate on this bike,but I am struggling with your claim of 50 kph.if you where able to hit this speed you would struggle to maintain this speed plus the bike would not handle well.where and when do you do this ?
      Any Roadies out there?

      • Olly

        The bike handles well at speed, the AMP forks take the knocks out from the bumps .Yip- I do have a bit of trouble keeping that kind of speed on the flats. The Diamondback F1 is the faster and easier to keep the speed up on ,but it is more like a road bike in the riding position .
        I build the Diamondback F1 15 years ago and the Mongoose 10 years ago .I ride road bikes most of the time and these are a bit of fun

        • Chuck

          Thanks Olly

  • Jojpopmini

    Oh dear… you like the bike in one post.
    then have
     N.F.I.what this is to be used for ….( it’s a bike you ride it )
    call his bike junk
    them suggest incest with his sister.
    Did you hit your head a bit hard when you fell of your trike.

  • ininbita

    uau!! It’s fucking amazing bike!!
    I like it so much. Not even like Diamond Back F1 but still superRR!

    Oliver thanks again!!

    This concept of of street racing 20wheels F1 bmx invite to run very fast between bored city cars and scape from the police!!!! (yes, you can scape with any bike, but this seems exactly for that)

    Soon the society will ban this kind of crazy two wheeled insects!! very dangerous for the mind!! jajaja!!!
    (excuse my english, the google translator can’t translate my happiness seeing these metallic pics)

    Franktastic bike!!!

  • Anderton6

    I have number 25. NOS, unbuilt.

    • R Stocker

      Cool .hey why don’t you sell it to Wolly,and then he can turn it into a spice rack!

      • Single speed Steve

        Go away

      • Jojpopmini

        Funny not! C Page is a Troll !

        it’s a cool looking bike