Review: Donhou Bicycles Signature Steel

Donhou Cycles Signature Steel Review

It’s already been over a month since Eroica Britannia which, I have to say, was one of the best weekends of my life. Seeing thousands of classic British bikes in the one place at the one time opened my eyes to the extent of the British custom frame building scene, and also to the enthusiasm for cycling that currently exists within the United Kingdom.

Building steel bicycle frames is just a small part of the English engineering tradition, one that extends from Brooks saddles to Claud Butler, from Reynolds to Raleigh. The exposure to the classics over the Eroica weekend made for a positive contrast when I picked up the Signature Steel test bike from Tom Donhou, a modern builder who is continuing this esteemed tradition. Read More »

Salsa Beargrease ‘Ursula’

Salsa Beargrease 'Ursula'

We’ve spotted the Salsa Beargrease on the pages of Cycle EXIF before, most notably being our review of it, riding along the soft sandy terrain of Sydney’s Cronulla Beaches. The bike raised the ire of a few readers because of its nature: that being a carbon fibre, race-bred machine — a different beast to most steel-boned adventure bikes.

Here’s a Beargrease in its natural element. Not in front of the garage door, but rather at home after traversing one of the most gruelling marathon endurance events Minnesota has to offer: the Alexander 380. It was compiled and ridden by Balvindar Singh, who graciously spared the time to answer some questions about it. Read More »

Podia x Festka ‘Riding Behind the Curtain’

Festka x Podia

The official name of the Berlin Wall was the Antifaschistischer Schutzwall, or Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart. Physically, it was a monstrous barrier of concrete, barbed wire and anti-vehicle trenches that cut off West Berlin from East Germany from 1961 till it was opened in 1989. Socially, it cut off families, divided a nation and was caused the deaths of many Berliners who tried defecting from East to West.

Its effects are still felt today, over twenty-five years later, and the Polish Podia crew are determined to explore the parts of Europe most closely associated with the legacy of the Wall. They have partnered with Festka on the ‘Riding Behind the Curtain’ project, which will be documented through words, photography, film and this road bike, one of four team bikes which will carry them on that journey. Read More »

Parlee Z-Zero XD

Parlee Z-Zero XD

It’s been just over a week since we were all blown away by the IMSHI Cycles bike built by photographer Eric Baumann, and especially by the lava-crackle paint work on top of it. It was applied by Massachusetts-local Rudi Jung, and today we’re privileged to hear his story against the background of another of his canvases: Parlee’s new Z-Zero XD cyclocross frame. Read More »

ERA Cycles Skull Road

ERA Cycles Skull Road

The last bike by ERA Cycles was a primary-coloured tribute to one of the greatest professional motorcyclists of all time: Barry Sheene. The details incorporated into it earned it the August spread on the 2014 Cycle EXIF Custom Bicycle Calendar, and the latest ERA is full of the same level of features. Read More »

Granule Frameworks Faster Road Bike

Granule Frameworks Go Faster Road Bike

Tenterden is a small town in Kent that, in the early 17th century, was home to an honourable man by the name of Samuel Hinckley. His son Thomas, as it turns out, was the direct ancestor of Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, but we won’t hold that against him.

Thomas’ sister, Susannah, was the direct ancestor of President Barack Obama, which makes Samuel Hinckley the ancestor of three U.S. presidents. Tenterden still sounds like a charming town, with a population of nearly eight thousand, one of them being Shaun Wakefield of Granule Frameworks. Read More »

The Manual For Speed Artist Residency

The Manual For Speed Artist Residency

Manual For Speed can always be relied upon to brighten and confuse your day. They’ve just collaborated with five artists on a series of kits designed to rescue the world from corporate-branded spandex. Which can only be a good thing. A collection of Castelli articles by two of the five artists are already available, which you can preview in flash-fuelled photography below. Read More »