Paul Brodie and The Whippet #1

Paul Brodie and The Whippet

Paul Brodie is one of the godfathers of modern off-road cycling, being heavily involved in the early days of the Canadian scene. He started Brodie Research and Technology in 1986, eventually building some of the most highly sought after frames in western Canada and the US. Paul is now teaching Framebuilding 101 at the University of The Fraser Valley, passing on his skills to the next generation. You can catch up with him at the 2012 NAHBS, where you can also view a true indication of his skill: a reproduction of The Whippet, one of the first dual-suspension bikes — built in 1888.

Over the next couple of weeks, Paul will take us through some of the steps in fabricating this incredibly intricate machine, culminating in a full preview of the finished bike at the NAHBS. For now, here’s an advance preview of the frame to give you an idea of what’s involved:

Paul Brodie and The Whippet

Paul teaches Framebuilding 101 at the University of the Fraser Valley. For more information on the course, where you can learn how to build a steel framed bicycle using Paul’s original jigs that have built over 4000 frames, visit the UFV website.

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