Pelagro ProFlex

Pelagro ProFlex

The inventor of the ProFlex mountain bike, Bob Girvin, set the scene alight with his revolutionary frame and fork designs. A former aerospace engineer, his ideas culminated in the world’s first mass-produced, full suspension mountain bike. Critics didn’t think full suspension would catch on, but it did — in a big way — although ProFlex was surpassed as quickly as it appeared. Germany’s Peter Laibacher reinvigorated one in his own unique style.

The 1996 ProFlex brochure records that Popular Science magazine named the 855 model “The best new recreational product of the year”, while Mountain Biking Magazine awarded it the ‘Suspension Bike of the Year’ award. Sticking elastomers inside the rear triangle gave a whole new meaning to off-road riding comfort, and a ProFlex was touted as both a downhill bike and an agile climber. Coupled with a Girvin fork, it was, if nothing else, an engineering marvel.

Peter Laibacher lives in the German town of Grossbottwar, about 25km away from Stuttgart, the home of Porsche and Mercedes, and Pelagro is Peter’s passion, customising bicycles with as much innovation as Bob Girvin. The frame and forks were found on eBay and were polished before tabs for the brakes were welded on and resprayed. The scheme was inspired by Peter’s motorcycle racing background aboard Ducatis, hence the Bimota references. See more on the Pelagro website.

Pelagro ProFlex
Pelagro ProFlex
Pelagro ProFlex
Pelagro ProFlex
Pelagro ProFlex
Pelagro ProFlex
Pelagro ProFlex

  • Mike Kennedy

    Wow, this bike looks amazing!

  • Yohann Paris

    The wheels looks amazing, where did he get them. Amazing!

    • Peter Laibacher

      This wheels are from the Italian comapny Grimeca, but they are not in production yet. They are not light, but together with the michelin slicks they run fantastic. I use them in my roll down bike, which roll better than any road racing bike. Greetings Peter from Pelagro

  • jeremynorth

    Dog’s dinner. This bike is a lot of engineering with no thought given to design or aesthetics

    • Adrian Frey

      Brilliant assessment. Those wheels are great – on an 80’s BMX bike – I don’t know why people feel the need to put discs on old bikes, and what is the point of putting a Bimota sticker on a bicycle that they had nothing to do with?

      Not any different than putting a Ferrari sticker on a Hyundai.

      • Binks

        actually that was one of the other revolutionary aspects of the bike was disc brakes they may not have been as well engineered as todays but they worked and where developed by the same company that makes all the brakes for F! cars.

      • spikebat

        Everyone’s a critic in the digital age….maybe he just likes the sticker, it’s his bike after all. Nothing like putting a Ferrari sticker on a Hyundai at all. Silly elitist comment…

  • miliu

    Ufff, I don’t like this build very much. I have to say that i’m a Proflex fan and owner of one of the very very few RF1 model, first production full susser in the world. Made by Proflex/offroad/kg engineering. By the way, first (top) models of proflex were welded by Serotta. I think proflex were so stunning that don’t need those awful and very weight grimeca mag wheels, nor the disc brakes. Make a google search… Type Proflex Animal and look… Hed wheels, neon magura race line hydro brakes, the girvin forks, the Sugino impel crankset branded as Girvin, the concor saddle… It was a better build originally than this you show here…

  • Ben Lloyd

    absolutly stunning! one of the most interesting bikes I have seen on here for so long.

    Such purpose and purity in the stance,and no recourse to any generic style of the moment. fantasitic fresh colours only add.A very original machine,look for copiests soon!

  • Absolutely love it. Beautiful and creative out-of-the box build.

  • Frank Discussion

    I worked at a shop that sold Proflex and K2 bikes, never was a fan, until now. I love the fast stance of this build. Thanks for posting this.

  • Malcolm Brooks


  • Dael Franke

    Beautiful! I’ve been wanting to build a Pro-flex for years, and this is really making me ache to do it. Every color, stripe, decal, and line has been carefully chosen and placed, yet the outcome is joyous and playful. Masterful!