Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur

Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur

Portland has a rich cycling and custom frame building culture — the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association lists 38 Constructor Members at last count. However, each are known for their distinct personalities and style. Tony Pereira, for instance, is known for his pared-back, fillet brazed frames that span virtually all genres: MTB, cyclocross, road, grand tourers and elegant porteurs.

Destined for the same streets as its builder, the porteur is a fine summation of Tony’s frame building skill, from the custom stem and front luggage rack to the Constructeur tail light (which are sold through Tony’s website). The components are deservedly top shelf — Schmidt dynamo lighting, a wonderful combination of Shimano XTR and Dura-Ace, Chris King bearings and Brooks leather.

This porteur is counted among the top five of Tony’s favorite bikes that he’s built, a high rating for one of Portland’s most respected builders. His bikes are regularly awarded ‘Best of…’ or just plain ‘Best…’ at local competitions. The 2007 NAHBS was a major coup, where he won three awards and the 2012 event netted Pereira Cycles a well-deserved award for Best Mountain Bike. See more on Tony’s flickr.

Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur
Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur
Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur
Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur
Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur
Pereira Cycles Portland Porteur

  • area man

    it would be really cool to see it all beaten up and scratched after putting in about 5 or 6 years of real cargo service…although that will probably never happen.

    • Not sure what you mean by “real cargo service” but this bike was built to be ridden as daily transportation. The owner is a friend, so I’ll try to update you in five years. She’s already had it for two months and has ridden every day (before these pics were taken) and I expect she will care for it lovingly.

      • Fernando

        I’d like to see that too. A new bike is beatiful, but a used and beaten up is even greater.

        Except I don’t want to wait 5 years. Hey cycleexif, how about make a post about a custom bike that have been around for some time? It could even be a Pereira cycles. I’m sure you still have contact with some old costumers, Tony…

      • area man

        no disrespect, this bike is beautiful. i just have a soft spot for well-worn bicycles that have served their purpose and just keep rolling.

    • Yeah- I’m with Tony- rider really rides- a lot. Super cool lady. I had a chance to check it out the bike in person- it is SWEET!

  • Picky

    I know I’m just being picky but those cranks look horrible on this. Otherwise this is perfection for a daily city bike.

    • When we build one for you, you can choose any crank you like 😉

  • Mclennan Cycles

    Tony this is a fabulous bike. I’m amazed that disc brakes work so well with such a traditional design. Fabulous design, love it.

  • Chris Bishop

    That’s a beautiful bike Tony!

  • GuitarSlinger

    Its a beautiful interpretation of a classic design with an element of Resto Mod ( modern mechanicals on a classic design ) on it . Hopefully the new owner will enjoy many miles of good riding on this .

    @twitter-25525009:disqus I am curious though if you can give an answer . What is the new owners intentions for the Porteur ( newspaper ) rack up front ?

    • Porteur racks are the most versatile way to carry a wide variety of loads. Because they have no sides, you can easily carry an oversized parcel, or you can strap down smaller bags. The owner of this bike will use it to carry groceries and a bag to and from her workplace. It’s not built to carry very heavy loads, but will easily handle 30 lbs.

  • belligero

    I know it’s unbeatable for function, but that Shimano crank really looks out of place on this one. But what a bike, the details are amazing!

    Oops, too late – someone else has mentioned this as well. Make mine an old-school cro-mo Syncros crank with a Rohloff rear hub, please!

  • ovncon

    Beautiful creation, really on the pulse.
    Is there a spec sheet for this somewhere, those brake levers do intrigue me so.

    • Brakes and levers are Shimano XTR. Best brakes ever made IMO. Normally I could spit out a spec sheet, but the customer’s husband sourced all the parts (he works in a shop), so I don’t have that on hand. Let me know if you’d like any other items ID’d.

    • Here’s a spec sheet for you:
      Dura Ace downtube shifters, dérailleurs and crankset
      XTR brakeset (my favorite part)
      XTR front rotor, XT rear rotor
      Schmidt Son generator front hub
      Chris King rear hub, bottom bracket and headset
      Grand Bois Hetre tires
      Grand Bois rims
      Nitto Jitensha handlebars
      Schmidt Edelux headlight
      Pereira taillight, stem, front and rear racks
      Nitto S65 Crystal Fellow seatpost
      Brooks Finesse Titanium saddle
      MKS Sylvan Touring pedals
      PDW Dapper Dan grips
      King stainless cage

      Out of curiosity, what would you all have suggested for cranks? Don’t say new old stock anything (just wouldn’t have been right with those brakes or derailleurs).

      • belligero

        Of currently-produced cranksets, one of Cannondale’s SI models would suit the look of the bike much better – at least in my opinion.

  • ovncon

    p.s. despite criticism – in my books you get extra points for matching the crank with the pump handle

  • Jer

    I would love to get around town on that!! That would be sooo nice to ride. Great colour too.

  • Artur Kulig

    I have living at an end of the world. Where the heck I can get a fenders like these? I mean on the internet cause I bike in Poland.

  • LUv’ it when i see high-end / competition-level components on an every-day heavy-duty (trans)porteur.!. thAt’s the way to do it.!. go on.!. only the best for everyday cyclists.!. keep it up.!.