Porsche Bike RS

Porsche Bike RS

Porsche’s re-entry into the bicycle sector is, admittedly, a more refined attempt than their FS Evolution model. It’s relatively conservative, given the emphasis the German marque places on good design, ergonomics and engineering. Having said that, it’s also visually closer to its four-wheeled cousins than its predecessor.

It’s essential, in these environmentally-conscious times, for an auto manufacturer to have a bicycle in its range. Auto manufacturers are, however, notorious for utilizing their car-focused in-house design and marketing team to develop their bicycle program. It seems the size of the concern has an inverse relationship to their spirit of adventure when it comes to providing a product that placates a greener market. The Toyota Prius / Parlee project pushed technological boundaries, like the Prius does, but a neurologically controlled shifting system with iPhone integration is unattainably grandiose for any sort of market. Maserati’s collaboration with Montante was more accessible, and a plausible extension of the brand, as is MINI’s Folding Bike.

The RS Bike is a carbon fiber frame and fork, brought to life by a Shimano XTR groupset, Magura brakes and a Crank Brothers 29″ wheelset. The complete bike weighs in at a reasonable 9kg, and is available for order from all official Porsche Centers at AU$11,133. According to the press release, the Porsche RS is the ultimate expression in lightweight technology, design purity, ergonomics and performance. It’s not far off the mark, although I’d like to see a ‘heritage’ model to complement the emphasis on technology.

Porsche Bike RS
Porsche Bike RS
Porsche Bike RS
Porsche Bike RS

  • Will

    Commuter bike with a Porsche badge on it, or fully optioned Pinarello Dogma 2, Trek Madone OR Specialized / McLaren Venge, with enough left over to buy a sanely priced commuter as well… hmm tough call

  • Adam

    Nice dork disk.

  • Speare

    why would someone spec a commuter bike with xtr? you would run out of gears pretty fast. 

    p.s. why in hell is there so much clearance Beside the rear wheel?!

  • What the fuck is this

  • best bike yet by a car manufacturer.!. so long as the frame is behaving properly.!. becoz the equipment is top notch…
    any idea of the price.?. 😀 .!.

  • MatinNY

    Anyone knows where I can get a Porsche Bike?

  • LaurentBonnaz-Ferrari

    J’ai quelques vélos Porsche!!! Je doit dire,que côté frime….j’adoooooore!!!!!!!
    Vivement les nouvelles collection.