Retrotec Cycles ‘The Double’

Retrotec Cycles 'The Double'

Retrotec frames and their curvy silhouettes may hark back to mountain biking’s adolescence, but they are, in fact, fresh from the jig. In today’s age of logo-emblazoned carbon fiber popouts and their complicated, short-travel rear ends, they’re a refreshing reminder of how fun bicycles can be — especially when getting sideways around a berm down your local trail.

Based in Napa, California, Curtis Inglis has been building frames for around twenty years, after learning his skills in the Air Force and finessing them with Bob Seals at the original Retrotec. Curtis rejuvenated the brand as a sideline to his own Inglis Cycles, established in 1996, but now the funky arcs have developed a near cult following, keeping him just as busy as the traditional straight frames.

Retrotec offer numerous frame designs: The Classic, Triple, Twin, Double, Half and Step Through, but their individual layouts can be tailored into almost limitless interpretations. A Half road frame, for instance, a Triple tourer or even a 650B Classic MTB. I’d be happy with this Double 29er, superbly shot by another Californian, the talented Brian Vernor. See more on the Retrotec website and Flickr.

Retrotec Cycles 'The Double'
Retrotec Cycles 'The Double'
Retrotec Cycles 'The Double'
Retrotec Cycles 'The Double'
Retrotec Cycles 'The Double'
Retrotec Cycles 'The Double'

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  • itsmefool

    Yeah, love the frame, but that fork on a “retro” bike doesn’t work for me.

  • adie.mitchell

    those seat stays juuuust dont line up perfectly with the top tube. so hard to get that right. maybe a fraction less curve? I dont know, my eye just cant move on from the tt/ss transition.

  • gnarggles


  • Lewn

    Love the parts, really not sure about the retro klunker frame and long stem.

  • Neil Fenton

    Heck yeah.