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Road Kandy Schwinn Corvette

You’re probably aware that the older brother of Cycle EXIF is a motorcycle blog called Bike EXIF, a profile of the world’s best classic, custom and vintage motorcycles. It’s only because of that exposure to custom bobbers that I took a second look at the gold and silver show pony that popped up in my inbox. And boy, am I damn glad I did. A complete departure from mail order lowriders with twisted struts and 140 spoke rims, the time and effort put into this project by everyone involved has elevated this bike from raw materials into a machine that’s not just ridden, it’s venerated.

It’s almost worth posting a photo of a 60s Show Triumph to give you a better idea of how close this bike is to it’s inspiration. But I won’t, have a look at this one for a good idea.

Underneath the Pagan Gold and (real) silver foil paint is a fabricated 1960 Schwinn Corvette frame with a solid steel ‘tank’ that’s been reinforced with fiberglass. Corey Conyers of Crown Customs in Wichita, Kansas was responsible for the fab work, and the paint was applied by TMarkus Designs of North Hollywood. The saddle’s a bespoke upholstered Brooks that’s been foamed and sewn by Rob Bryant of One Too Many Designs. Rob’s created over 100 seats for West Coast Choppers, and he hasn’t put any less effort into this one, just because it’s for a bicycle. It’s stitched with gold leather and fastened with aircraft rivets. Good to see some old school BMX parts in the mix as well, with a Proline post and a smoothed and polished Redline clamp.

In line with the chopped and bobbed look, it’s got a 24” rear wheel and a 26” front. There’s a Schwinn Truck hub in the front and a Bendix coaster brake hub in the rear. Which, you should know, is the best hub for skids. The front’s held on with a J C Higgins / Elgin springer fork, so that’s solid enough. Schwinn Phantom goose neck, and get this, you’re holding on to a set of custom milled maple grips. They’re Felt cranks with aftermarket drillium, however I don’t believe the point is saving weight. And good spotting, they’re polished MKS track pedals. Every time I look at this bike I see something new, check out the socket axle pegs.

After the comparison is made, it almost feels like the one missing element is a 50cc engine. But then, if you followed it through to it’s logical conclusion, you would actually end up with a 60s style Show Triumph. So let’s leave it as an immaculate bicycle. This bike is a real tribute to the skills of everyone involved. Especially the boys at Vern’s Plating, who did all the chrome and, last but not least, Blake Adams of Road Kandy, who co-ordinated the entire project. No wonder it won 1st place in the Non Motorized Class at the 2009 Grand National Roadster Show.

Road Kandy Schwinn Corvette
Road Kandy Schwinn Corvette
Road Kandy Schwinn Corvette
Road Kandy Schwinn Corvette
Road Kandy Schwinn Corvette

  • carson Leh

    this bike is awful looking…

  • Astrid

    Love it. It’s out there and it’s fun. Makes me think of Elvis – the Vegas years, but with out the burgers.

  • lulu

    nice bike!

    I have the same front axle nuts on my bmx: primo jewels!

  • Ha Ha I agree with Carson. It’s very well finished. But boy it’s garish. No charm at all.

  • mack-o-matik

    there’s a lot of passion in this one, really clean details and perfect craftmanship, perfect chrome. Why do I remember Willie Coyote looking at the seat!?

  • Harry Farquhar

    Yeah awful bitchin’ lookin’ that is. The paint is spectacular and that chrome is absolutely unreal. It appears to be a fairly comfortable bike to ride as well.

  • Very Pretty… but I dont think the frame is Schwinn.  GT/Dyno maybe, but not Schwinn.

    • badams

      Its a schwinn, completely modified. All tubing besides the head and BB is custom.