Robs Woodwork Alien

Robs Woodwork Alien

Rob Pollock is an ex-professional speedboat racer and panel beater who has specialized in faux wood graining for around 40 years. Graining is a technique that’s been used in the restoration of classic cars and vintage hot rods. Rob’s now applying this technique to bicycle frames, introducing a refreshing option for today’s bicycle builders.

This particular frame is an Alien, although we’ve seen very similar lugs and geometry on a Bertelli Domenica we’ve featured before. Perhaps there’s a connection? What we haven’t seen before is that paint effect. Graining is applied by hand, using a variety of brushes and tools to apply various undercoats, and Rob finally coats the frame in durable two pot epoxy resin.

Have a look at Rob’s new website, for his contact details. There’s three shades of wood to choose from, and prices start at $1,500USD for a standard frame and forks, plus shipping. My mind is already swimming with the leather and wood possibilities for my next build…

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Robs Woodwork Alien
Robs Woodwork Alien
Robs Woodwork Alien
Robs Woodwork Alien
Robs Woodwork Alien
Robs Woodwork Alien

  • Those are Long Shen 102 series “long point” lugs. Some of the most popular available today. Keep your eyes out and you’ll see them all over the place. They are popular because they look so damn good!
    The woodgrain is interesting. Cool to see a different paint style out there.

  • Needs some wood rims 😉

  • If it wasn’t a track build, I’d suggest wooden fenders. Maybe the author will consider for his/her build.

  • awesome effect, very realistic!

    the old steel alien/bertelli frames are almost certainly the same (alien sells bertelli frames on their website!) and both of those frames share some striking similarities to kazane frames as well. my bet is they are all coming out of the same “small factory” in taiwan, not that its a bad thing, as they are all good frames with great track geometry.

  • lunar_c

    That is an amazing finish, no doubt the product of many hours of skilled work. It’s a very striking effect but I would be too scared to ride it for risk of damaging it!

  • Dan

    Truely amazing finish. Id love to see it being applied.
    Just cant help associating it with the tacky fake wood on the dashboard of my car though…

  • I’d like to see it with a satin or matte finish.

  • That finish is second to none! That looks fantastic. I bet a laptop would look ace like that!

  • anybody know what bars those are?

  • it would break

    • mudplug

      it’s not wood


  • Anonymous

    i like the paint job

  • “it loses it’s feel”. man, can’t you and 100 million other people on the planet just learn the diff between it’s and its? It’s boring Tony. Just learn it, ok? dammit!!!