Salsa Fargo Ti

Salsa Fargo Ti

More and more cyclists are discovering the joys of off-road bicycle touring and adventure biking. Salsa Cycles have established themselves as a leading supplier of specialist bikes for the job, and the Fargo Ti is their flagship model. My good mate Adam Macbeth is taking this one to Japan for a ten week tour.

This is the second time Adam’s Fargo has been featured on Cycle EXIF, but he’s put a lot of miles on the clock since then. So have I, actually, as Adam was gracious enough to let me use it for an off-road adventure back in June. The reports are true, it is one of the most comfortable tourers available.

One thing Adam Macbeth is, and that’s meticulous. His blog, A Therapy For Pain, details his own love for adventure biking, his selection of equipment and his preparations for an extended tour of Japan. He should be touching down as this goes live, so here’s a special ‘Bon Voyage’ from Cycle EXIF.

Salsa Fargo Ti
Salsa Fargo Ti
Salsa Fargo Ti
Salsa Fargo Ti
Salsa Fargo Ti
Salsa Fargo Ti

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  • Now&Zen

    Now that is one serious , no frills , get the job done piece of kit . Have you ever featured the build details of this bike on the site ? If not , you should . Looks to me like there’s a lot to learn from this for anyone considering having a go at Adventure Biking

  • Lars

    I did my first bike tour this summer (New Haven CT to Chicago, about 1,200 via my indirect route), and one thing I looked for when picking out my gear was as much color as possible. I wanted people to see me. All the other bike tourers I’ve encountered over the years have said similar things, kit out your bike with brights colors. Do you know why Adam went with such a dark color scheme? I looks like with the wrong outfit he’ll blend right in with the road surface.

    • Dave

      the article promotes off-road cycling. not every ones wants to be seen coming.

  • Lewn

    Wow, intensely practical bike.If it were me I’d switch out the WTB Silverado and get a Fizik Gobi if I was going to that far.

  • cabbagepatchelvis

    Wait… you mean to say that somewhere within that heap of bags lies a bike?!

    Have a blast, Adam!

  • andy

    first thing i noticed: swastika crankset.

    Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.