Serotta Colorado ATX

Serotta Colorado ATX

On the first page of the 1994 Serotta catalog, Ben Serotta outlines his raison d’être: ‘If you can’t build something good, both in quality and aesthetics, something you’ll proudly put your name on, you probably shouldn’t build it at all’. That mission statement stands behind every bike that bears Ben’s name, a timeline that dates back to 1972, including this Colarado ATX from 1994.

The Colorado ATX was a TIG welded frame and this example, spec’d with Shimano’s XTR components, belongs to the collection of Velo Ciao — a rare mountain bike in a mostly road-centric range. The original owner had the option of front shocks over the rigid standard but thankfully decided not to upgrade, as rigid forks never get superseded.

Serotta no longer offer a fat tire model in their lineup, specializing instead on road frames. Each frame is manufactured in their Saratoga Springs, NY, and Poway, CA, factories by real people that are passionate about their craft and the brand. See what they’re up to these days, and read what Ben has to say about his iconic brand, by heading to their website. Thanks to Culture Cycles for the tip-off.

Serotta Colorado ATX
Serotta Colorado ATX
Serotta Colorado ATX
Serotta Colorado ATX
Serotta Colorado ATX

  • ininbita

    Gorgeus bike. So amazing.

    But 1:
    it deserves a pair of pedals… no?
    I don’t understand why people take a photo a bicycle without pedals. Why? what is the reason? (anyone would like to appear in a photograph without feet, or hands?)

    and 2:
    bike isn’t in a horizontal position, in a photography studio… does not like.

    But gorgeus bike, so amazing.

  • Greg

    Oh, it’s a beauty. But it needs an original XTR crank, no?

    • stric

      Yeah, an original 5-arm XTR spider would be really nice. A pretty bike though. It brings back a lot of memories.

  • GuitarSlinger

    I worked with Ben in the 80’s . Was the top Serotta salesmen in the US for a bit as well and we’ve been friends ever since ! IMHO Ben’s shop still puts out the best of the best and his fit systems have yet to be bettered . Now if I could just convince him to toss out the occasional Mt Bike as well as Steelie again …..

  • doub

    fyi – Serotta is making mountain frames again – look for the Ti Max and Max iT on their site…

  • SeanG

    What happened to the Tmax