Stanridge Speed x Ben Eine (2014 RHC)

Stanridge Speed at the RHC

Qualifying for the 2014 Red Hook Crit Championship is, as I write this, due to start in a little under three hours, the helter-skelter culmination of months of planning and training not only for the racers, but the frame builders, brands and volunteers that have been working furiously in the background.

Surely one of the hardest of these is Adam Eldridge of Stanridge Speed, who is dedicated to ensuring that his custom Highstreet Pursuit frames cross the finish line in a spectacular fashion. 2014 sees a new member join the team of Stanridge Speed: elite cyclist Katie Arnold.

Eldridge has previously collaborated with Death Spray Custom, an English artist, on the kits and liveries for his team. In 2014, he has joined forces with Ben Eine, a prolific English street artist who has exhibited in galleries from LA’s MoCA gallery to San Fran’s White Walls space.

Eine created a striking kit and matching livery design for the Stanridge team, which becomes an advantage in the Red Hook Crit which, due to its coverage by social media, is highly visible — a boon for every party involved. And from the looks of things, it’s shaping up to be a helluva party.

Stanridge Speed at the RHC
Ben Eine for Stanridge Speed

Stanridge Speed at the RHC
‘Grey Faded Oranges’ by Ben Eine

Stanridge Speed at the RHC
‘To Express (YELLOW)’ by Ben Eine

Stanridge Speed at the RHC
Part of Ben Eine’s ‘Alphabet Street’ series.

Cycle EXIF wishes all the racers at the 2014 Red Hook Crit the best of luck and god speed. Rip the shit out of it.

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