Sven Cycles x Paniagua

Sven Cycles x Paniagua

In his tell-all book ‘The Secret Race’, the story of his tenure with Lance Armstrong and the US Postal team, Tyler Hamilton made reference to the Spanish phrase, Pan-Y-Agua. Inside the peloton, “riding paniagua — or ‘Bread and Water’ — described riders who hadn’t doped.

What are we to think, then, of a providore called Paniagua, who sells coffee beans called EPO? It becomes more suspicious when they have collaborated with Sven Cycles on a racey commuter frame that’s obviously on the juice.

Paniagua’s EPO is a Peaberry Arabica from Tanzania. ‘The Angry Commuter’ is an amped-up Columbus Max frame based on Cinelli’s legendary Laser and inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12, made famous by its appearance as a modified time machine in Back to the Future.

A meeting between Paniagua’s Jamie Gallagher and Darron Coppin of Sven Cycles at the 2013 Bespoked Bristol show set The Angry Commuter’s ENVE wheels in motion. It debuted at the 2014 show and achieved the desired stir, caused by an eclectic mix of components and styling.

The cockpit consists of Campagnolo Record TT shifters and brake levers, upholstered with “grey leather to bring that inimitable eighties ‘super-car’ trim feel”, along with the Zoncolan saddle. The logos are applied in reflective orange vinyl and brakes by EE Cycleworks haul it all up.

See more on the Paniagua website. A limited run of five Angry Commuters will be made, built to order with custom graphics and finishes to suit the buyer.

Sven Cycles x Paniagua
Sven Cycles x Paniagua
Sven Cycles x Paniagua
Sven Cycles x Paniagua
Sven Cycles x Paniagua

  • Zak

    That’s pretty darn kool!

  • Finny

    it’s crazy. Finished just 2h ago the book of Tyler Hamilton.
    so “paniaqua” is just common:-)

  • Snazz build… but without fenders it’s hardly a “commuter.”

    • Will

      Depends on where you live 😉

  • Sebastian

    This thing is a commuter like my BMX is a tourer.

  • 0candles

    Understatement in a TT rig despite the leather work. Sublime