Kumo Signature Finish All-Roader

Kumo Cycles’s Keith Marshall will be significant presence at this weekend’s Pushies Galore show in Brisbane. He recently instigated a ‘Signature Finish’ line, which allows him a carte blanche when it comes to frame design and fabrication. This all-roader is… Read more »

FYXO Fauxnago V2.0

The Melburn Roobaix, now in its ninth year, is shaping up to be the biggest yet. The limited spaces have already sold out, so the 29th of June 2014 will see a maximum number of cyclists traversing the cobbled laneways… Read more »

Kumo Cycles All-Roader

Keith Marshall of Kumo Cycles has, for the last couple of weeks, been cruising around his spiritual homeland of Japan. Kumo means ‘cloud’ in Japanese — the flowing quality of water and critical aspects of air are qualities that are… Read more »

Pushies Galore 2014

From the press release: The fourth annual Pushies Galore is being held this year on 13 July. In those years, the event has grown from and morphed into a large-scale bike swapping and showing spectacular. At its heart it remains… Read more »

Baum Purple Extensa

It seems the call of the trail is louder than ever before, as riders come full circle from installing wider tyres on their road bikes and exploring gravel B-roads to adding a full-blown dirt machine to their stable. There’s many… Read more »

Rogers Bespoke Road

During the 2014 Tour Down Under, I had the pleasure of meeting local Adelaide frame builder James Alderson at Treadly Bike Shop and photograph the matte black track frame he had built. He mentioned a few of the projects he… Read more »

Review: Patebury

The kangaroo is an iconic Australian animal who, along with the emu, proudly support the shield on our Coat of Arms. We chose both animals because they don’t like traveling backwards. Kangaroos are also good for another thing: their hide… Read more »