Bilenky Cycle Works

Bilenky Signature Tourer

The beard of Stephen Bilenky is an institution in itself, just as much as his Cycle Works, which has been turning out fine steel frames since 1983. Currently employing a staff of 7 (8, including Ferdinand, the shop cat), Bilenky… Read more »

Interview: Bilenky Cycle Works

Bicycling Magazine‘s Andrew David Watson created this lovely interview with Stephen Bilenky who, if you’re lucky enough to make it along to the 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, will be at Booth #937.

Bilenky Cycle Works Tandem

There’s a fantastic Vimeo channel called Art In The Age that presents footage of Stephen Bilenky in the process of fillet-brazing one of his frames, and it’s a great exposé into the alchemical process involved with producing a handmade bicycle.… Read more »

Bilenky Hetchins Tribute

You know Richard Branson’s Virgin empire started off in a record shop, didn’t you? Did you also know that the man behind the Hetchins marque, Hyman ‘Harry’ Hetchins originally sold his bikes from a music shop as well? While not… Read more »