If Plato Rode A Bicycle: Bridgestone Atlantis

Lost But Not Forgotten: Bridgestone Atlantis

One of the best things about owning a steel bike is that they grow old exceptionally well — a worn bike is a collection of stories. Sometimes those stories extend even to the time the frame rolled off the production line, as in the case of this Bridgestone Atlantis.

Bridgestone XO-2

Bridgestone XO-2


Before founding Rivendell Bicycle Works in 1994, Grant Petersen was marketing director for Bridgestone Cycle (USA). During his 10-year tenure, he created some highly innovative bikes, much to the consternation of the Japanese management, that are highly sought after today. The XO series, for instance, was designed to grind gravel long before gravel grinding were…

Bridgestone NJS

The last Bridgestone featured on Cycle EXIF was a very different beast—a PHM9 Sprint—but it’s interesting to hold the two of them up against each…

Bridgestone Sprint

Track racing, to coin a phrase, is big in Japan, and while Keirin racing requires classically styled steel frames by revered masters of the torch,…