Chiossi Dirt Tracker

The city of Modena is an ancient one, built around faded winding streets and pastel alleyways. It is known as ‘The Capital of Engines’, because the factories of Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati are, or were, located in… Read more »

Lino Messori – At the Speed of Heart

The name of Lino Messori may not be as familiar as Ernesto Colnago or Edoardo Bianchi, for during his generation, Lino was one of many Italian frame builders with a little shop, creating elegant bicycles. Lino’s story is no less… Read more »

Chiossi Strada

The lineage of Chiossi Cycles can be traced back to 1942 which, compared to Bianchi’s foundation in 1885, is recent but just as esteemed. The brand has been re-invigorated under the guidance of Luciano Pedrielli, a cyclist with a fervor… Read more »

Lino Messori – At the Speed of Heart

Luca Campanale just emailed me with news of the movie he is just about to release about the story of Lino Messori, one of Modena’s master builders. The concept for the film lies with Paolo Chiossi, whose beautiful Italian bikes… Read more »

Chiossi Cycles Gloria

Paolo Chiossi worked his magic once again, this time with a circa-1940s Gloria frame. While Paolo’s refinement is masterful, it also serves to highlight the quality of construction that made Gloria famous in the ‘30s and ‘40s.

Chiossi Cycles Maino

This magnificent machine was originally a Maino frame from the 1940s until Paolo Chiossi restored it to its former glory. Chiossi Cycles is based in Modena, Italy, and from the looks of things Paolo has a passion and an impressive… Read more »