Ciöcc San Cristobal Gold

Giovanni Pelizzoli‘s Ciöcc marque is an exceptionally enigmatic Italian brand, typical of many from that period and location. Accurate information on the history, timeline and genealogy is mercurial — indeed, the one person who knows the true story may well… Read more »

Ciöcc Cyclocross

When I spotted a tiny corner of a familiar logo on a down tube in my Instagram feed, I had to stop scrolling and take a closer look. It belonged to an aluminum Ciöcc cyclocross, owned by Neil Berrett —… Read more »

Ciöcc Strada

There’s a couple of Italian frame builders I get excited about, but the work of Giovanni Pelizzoli holds a special place in my heart (and club, spade and so on). When Simon Rich sent me these images of his Ciöcc… Read more »