Concorde Squadra

There’s a little detail on the top tube of this Concorde Squadra that reveals the true origin of the Dutch marque: a brazed-on Italian flag. The device can also be found on Ciöcc frames, who supplied Concorde with frames to… Read more »

Concorde Prelude

The Concorde Prelude comes in every manner of colorful guises: it’s rare to find a pair with the same exuberant paint scheme. The PDM Team livery will be a familiar sight, but the color options that Concorde made available to… Read more »

Concorde TVT 92

The French aerospace company, TVT, produced some of cycling’s first carbon fiber tubes. Their technology was utilized by various marques, including LOOK and Bottechia. Concorde, as well as producing some of the most recognizable steel frames of the 80s and… Read more »

Concorde Aquila

I have a soft spot for Giovanni Pellizoli’s frames—Concorde, Paganini and especially Conti. I have a rosso corsa Conti in my garage, which was my first experience with quality Italian steel. The logo on the down tube is the same… Read more »