Czech Republic


Two fresh bikes from two completely separate workshops from the Czech Republic in one week… what is in the water over there? First the raw elemental energy of SingleBe’s singlespeed and now the svelte sleekness of REPETE’s Reborn — both… Read more »

SingleBe Bikes Rock’n’Rolla

There’s some pretty inspiring bikes coming out of the Czech Republic custom scene these days, especially the off-road sector. One workshop that’s spearheading that movement is Tomas Kutin’s SingleBe. This is his latest weapon: the emphatically-named Rock’n’Rolla.

Festka Rapha Continental

This summer, the Rapha Continental riders will certainly discover the road less travelled, as it ventures into Hidden Europe. A new selection of frame builders have been enlisted to build bikes for the team, the first of which to be… Read more »

Festka Dazzle

Norman Wilkinson was a British artist who specialised in oils and watercolours, but he was also a camoufleur: what he became really famous for was his development of the Dazzle system of camouflage, or disruptive coloration, which made it difficult… Read more »

SingleBe Bikes Street-Killer

Aside from a tailored fit, custom frame builders afford an adaptability to market forces that brands who rely om mass-production can only dream about. Case in point: SingleBe Bikes from the Czech Republic and their belt-driven, Cannondale Lefty-equipped Street Killer.

SingleBe Bikes

Bicycles and motorcycles have helped each other evolve since… well, since someone stuck an engine in a bicycle. Disc brakes, the threadless headset, triple clamp forks, the list goes on. The belt drive is a more recent development to leap… Read more »

Krutor Hrotor

I’m not quite sure why Krutor have only produced one of their flagship model, the Hrotor, but it’s right there on their website: “This bike is not for sale and we’re not going to produce another piece. Therefore we ignore… Read more »