Czech Republic

SingleBe Caleido SSCX

When it comes to the custom bike scene, there’s plenty to talk about in the Czech Republic, what with the Podia crew, Festka, Rozzo and Tomas Kutin’s SingleBe Bikes. Creating bikes that aren’t afraid of challenging conventions seem to be… Read more »

Podia x Festka ‘Riding Behind the Curtain’

The official name of the Berlin Wall was the Antifaschistischer Schutzwall, or Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart. Physically, it was a monstrous barrier of concrete, barbed wire and anti-vehicle trenches that cut off West Berlin from East Germany from 1961 till it… Read more »

Festka Asphalt LT

It wasn’t all that long ago that local cycling clubs were highly populated and were integral cogs in the community machinery. Of course, for every ten smaller clubs that have disappeared to the sands of time there is one larger… Read more »

Life, Death and the Art of Cycling

Our friends at Podia take us on a trip through the countryside to give us a deeper insight into the beauty of Polish cycling. If you look closely, you can spot one of the first Festka bikes.

Rozzo for Mark Levinson

There’s been a groundswell of custom builders emanating from Central Europe and, in particular, the Czech Republic. It’s spearheaded, of course, by Festka, but Rozzo is another. One of their latest builds is a silent, belt-driven commuter for the father… Read more »

Team Festka Australia

In what is both a smart and exciting move for Festka, the #MADE4CHAMPS program was launched on January 26th 2015. The Czech Republic’s subversive custom frame building house is offering race teams a full equipment program, inspired by the supply… Read more »

Festka USAGI

The custom scene in Eastern Europe is spearheaded by one brand, and that is Festka: the Czech house that is completely unafraid of bucking convention and producing bikes that are very different and as striking as any you’ll find in… Read more »