Death Spray Custom

Death Spray Custom x Morvélo

It’s a little known fact that Brush Script, a font designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for the American Type Founders, was used for the original logo of the Australian soap opera Neighbours from 1985 until 2007. It also… Read more »

Saffron x Death Spray Custom

It’s the most inspiring thing to watch an artist at work, whether it’s a painter, a chef, a skater or any creative person who relishes what they do and has complete mastery of their tools. Both David of Death Spray… Read more »

DSC x Bell 45 Triumph

Traditionally, Japanese have a deep respect for that which is well-crafted, requiring patience or meditation to master. They also highly consider that which has aged beautifully, which they describe with sabi — the quality of a rustic patina. One of… Read more »

Interview: Death Spray Custom

Death Spray Custom is a name just as enigmatic as the work produced by the London-based artist. We’ve seen the iconic images of his efforts filter through the blogosphere for the past few years and I, for one, greatly anticipate… Read more »

DSC Delight & Destroy

Death Spray Custom is an artist living and working in London. That’s all we, the general public, are offered when inquiring into who or what Death Spray Custom actually is. What we do know, however, is that s/he/they utilize a… Read more »

Death Spray Custom Nørd

Dazzle camouflage has been used extensively throughout the portfolio of Death Spray Custom, a one-man paint house based in the United Kingdom. Originally instigated by artist Sir Norman Wilkinson CBE during World War 1, it’s primary purpose was confusion rather… Read more »

Vengeance is Coming

When one has had their fill of custom track, randonneurs, and mountain bikes, there can appear to be only a few avenues left to the bicycle savant. One popular option is custom paint. The leader in this field is a… Read more »