Review: Faggin Milestones

Living in an age of pop out and handmade bicycles, it’s refreshing to step back and remind ourselves of how these two anomalies came about. Many reasons can be traced back to Europe in the 40s and 50s: Edoardo Bianchi,… Read more »

Faggin Passeggiata

The Faggin family business has been manufacturing fine Italian bicycles now for over 65 years, successfully establishing a name for their hand made carbon fiber frames as well as the steel frames to which they owe their reputation. Thankfully, they… Read more »

Faggin Primavera

A lesser known Italian marques, Faggin are still manufacturing steel frames by hand in the northern city of Padova. They’ve made a successful jump to include world-class carbon-fiber frames in their range, also made by hand, making them one of… Read more »