Field Cycles

Field Cycles: Made of Steel

Without ever meeting the guys from Sheffield’s Field Cycles in person, it’s always been a mystery as to who they really are. The custom, fillet brazed frames have captivated our attention over the last few years with their individual features… Read more »

Field Cycles Classic

Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom, of a sufficient scale to warrant it being divided into three ‘Ridings’ — a division of land traditionally designated by the distance that one could cover on horseback in a certain… Read more »

Field Cycles Super Record Road

Most Britons with any interest in popular music will recognise the name of Keane, the synthpop group whose albums have topped charts on both sides of the Atlantic and have been voted by Q Magazine readers as among the Best… Read more »

Field Cycles x Enve Track Bike

ENVE manufacture some of the world’s finest carbon fibre rims and components. They’re based in Ogden, Utah, which is where they make 100% of their rims. Their quality control standard are beyond peer, which is why they were compelled to… Read more »

Field Cycles Gaff’s Fixed

Sheffield can rightly be considered the Steel Capital of the United Kingdom, with a history of steel production that dates to the early 19th century. Although it has been reduced over the last 50 years, due to offshore competition, the… Read more »

Field Cycles Mint Road

Last year, the Rapha Continental traversed a route around the Tōhoku region, devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. The catastrophic effects were still visible, but so was the superhuman perseverance of the locals to rebuild their region.… Read more »

Field Cycles Cross / Classics

The Briton’s fascination with enjoying cups of tea at regular intervals can be a little much for foreigners to understand, but even a short visit to the island of Great Britain will make it easier to swallow. Field Cycles, based… Read more »