Firefly Bicycles

Firefly Bicycles FF411

When it comes to cycling, Melbourne is Australia’s capital city. But there’s one thing in trumps that Sydney has over its southern sister, and that is a mountainous coastline. Skunkworks Bikes is located at the heart of the eastern suburbs,… Read more »

Jamie’s own Firefly All-Roader

Disc brakes on road bikes. What’re your thoughts? When it comes to new technology, there will always be room for conjecture about what should be the standard. That is, of course, until everyone has the opportunity to try them out… Read more »

Firefly Bicycles All-road Tourer

A custom frame is a very significant and enjoyable investment, but not one that should be entered into lightly. Every detail must be confirmed, from the drivetrain to the smallest bolt. It can be an arduous process, it’s true, but… Read more »

Firefly Bicycles ‘The Bones Project’

Art bikes are usually a hit or miss affair, but considering the ultra-refined standard of Boston’s Firefly Bicycles and their titanium and stainless steel frames, there was only going to be one result for their collaboration with local artist Eric… Read more »

Firefly Bicycles Tourer

Boston’s art scene has been a considerable influence upon the Firefly Bicycles crew. They made a special point of adjoining an art gallery space to their workshop and both have surgically clean walls — the gallery to view works of… Read more »

Firefly Bicycles Ti Commuter

I’ve been greatly enjoying Firefly Bicycles‘ morning #bostonam jaunts on Instagram. They truly capture the more informal side of these bikes that seem so mechanically correct in their usual studio setting. The titanium tubes, with perfectly formed beads around every… Read more »

Firefly Bicycles FF-217

If there’s one thing to be said for Boston’s Firefly Bicycles, they’re happy to try new things. While the trio of Tyler, Jamie and Kevin have produced a steady stream of exceptional world-class road-going weapons, a look through their list… Read more »