Above Workshop ‘Autumn Coaster’

The French city of Bordeaux, in the south-west of the country on the Garonne River, is the wine capital of the world, with an annual production of approximately 960 million bottles. It’s also home to the ABOVE Workshop: two young… Read more »

Victoire One-Off Track

The latest bike to emerge from the Victoire Cycles workshop, based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, was built for their newest employee, Erwan AlaPhillippe. Erwan was hired for his fillet brazing skills, which Victoire will now use to assemble all of their… Read more »

LOOK 860

Quite a few examples of LOOK‘s early foray into monocoque carbon fibre frames can be found via the various online auction and forum channels, due to them being highly favoured by aspiring triathletes who like to upgrade their kit each… Read more »

La Manufacturef Mixte

The years following the second world war saw a revival of the French constructeurs: dedicated riders who also fabricated frames with a holistic approach. Not only did they manufacture their own frames but the racks, fenders and lighting systems as… Read more »

Victoire Cycles Fixe

There was a time, recently, when brakes on a bike with a fixed gear was frowned upon by the ‘purists’, those who believed that a fixed drive rain should be a track bike and never the twain should meet. But… Read more »

Santucci Cycles Motobécane

Like LOOK, Motobécane is a French marque whose bikes have always been held in high regard. But while LOOK has catered for the sharp end of the market, Motobécane established a reputation for reliable machines for the everyday cyclist, albeit… Read more »


The French commune of Nevers, located about 260kms to the south of Paris, traces its history back to Roman times, when Julius Caesar used it as a base. Today, it is home to one of the most forward-thinking brands in… Read more »