Garage 271

Garage 271 Lightning

With every passing season bicycles, and especially mountain bikes, continue to evolve — whether it’s a chainring that doesn’t drop a chain, a new linkage system or a new wheel size. Simultaneously, there’s an equal interest in the ‘old school’.… Read more »

Garage 271 Nostra

The term ‘custom bicycle’ can have two different meanings, but both are correct. One definition refers to the hand built frame that’s assembled from materials such as steel, titanium, composite fibers, wood or even bamboo. The other refers to bikes… Read more »

Garage 271 Dürkopp

Garage 271 are two guys who are intent on reviving interest in the long wheelbase, easy-tracking frames of the 1930s — 50s. This is one of their latest restorations: a fine example of the Dürkopp brand, an industrial concern who… Read more »