Geekhouse Bikes

Insight: Geekhouse x Cuppow CX

Marty Walsh’s Geekhouse Bikes may very well be the funnest custom bike brand out there. Instantly recognisable by their eye-searing paint schemes, they can be spotted on terrains all over the world but they are perhaps most prolific on the… Read more »

Geekhouse NAHBS Mudvillle

Well, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is over for another year, leaving us to marvel at the energy that goes into making this show the lightning wonder that it is. One frame house that continues annually to astound, not… Read more »

Prolly’s Geekhouse Woodville

Whoever has had a beloved bicycle stolen from them will know what anger and anguish it can cause. Woe betide those who perform the unspeakable act of bicycle theft, especially when the bicycle they steal is the custom Geekhouse Woodville… Read more »

Geekhouse Bikes Hopedale

The 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show has wound down, much to the relief of everyone involved who dedicated their time and energy to making it a success. Marty Walsh of Geekhouse Bikes will look forward to getting home, but… Read more »

Geekhouse Mudville by Blue Lug

Given the vast range of colors applied to Geekhouse Bikes, it’s no wonder their frames are so popular in Japan. Cyclocross also enjoys a huge following there, so when Shibuya’s premium bike store, Blue Lug, assembled a Geekhouse Mudville for… Read more »

Geekhouse Mudville CX

Marty and the team at Geekhouse Bikes present Bradford’s single-speed Mudville, but unfortunately, it was recently written off in an accident. Bradford was T-boned by a cargo van. Fortunately, Bradford is OK, and as nature abhors a vacuum, he has… Read more »

Geekhouse Oregon Manifest Bike

Boston’s Geekhouse Bikes also entered into this year’s Oregon Manifest competition, and this is their interpretation of ‘The Ultimate Utility Bike’. Marty Walsh and his mustachioed team set themselves a challenge above and beyond that of those set out by… Read more »