Horse Cycles

Horse Cycles John Roemer Road

The American economy could very well be rescued by the singlehanded efforts of Thomas Callahan, the New York-based frame builder and entrepreneur behind Horse Cycles. He’s intent on assembling a collection of goods manufactured by skilled craftspeople in Brooklyn. The… Read more »

Horse Cycles Urban Assault 2014

The Horse Brand Co store veritably bursts at the seams with an array of high-quality US-made bikes, apparel and accessories — all selected by Mr. Thomas Callahan. Thomas is the builder of the bikes, knife-maker and designer of a catalogue… Read more »

Horse Cycles Stainless Townie

Thomas Callahan’s Horse Brand Co. launched recently, showcasing American-made goods and his handmade Urban Tour bikes. This stainless steel town bike is an addition to that line, a concise summary of Thomas’ style and ethos.

Horse Cycles Tourer

Nate Mumford is a photographer based in New York, which is also home to Thomas Callahan and the Horse Cycles stable. Nate recently took some shots of a visit to Thomas’ shop which were animated into a GIF, giving a… Read more »

Horse Cycles Urban Tour Project

It’s a revelation to look at Thomas Callahan’s early work, like the mauve Priest Sport we featured nearly three years ago, and his latest exercise, the Urban Tour Project. Thomas and Horse Cycles have begun a run of production models… Read more »

Horse Cycles Stainless Tourer

It’s always interesting to hear of interests that cyclists pursue, whether it’s playing in a band, cooking or creating artwork. The background of Horse Cycles’ Thomas Callahan is that of a multimedia artist, which, to those who can see it,… Read more »

Horse Cycles Road

It’s easy for us, as fans of beautiful bicycles, to view them as artistic expressions: they were originally base materials and through the skill and dexterity of the frame builder they have become sculptural, functional objects that are pleasing to… Read more »