Pias x Pancalen Cycles Scarab

If we’ve got our international date times correct, you should be reading this as one of the first emails in your inbox for the day. That means, according to pharaonic mythology, the sacred scarab, or dung beetle (Scarabaeus sacer), has… Read more »

Pancalen Cycles Rossin

While the foundation of the Rossin marque may be filled with intrigue and collusion, it resulted in a world-beating bike that carried many champions to victory during the heyday of the Italian steel racing bicycle. 38 years later, Rossin are… Read more »

Federal Cycles Light Tourer

There are thousands and thousands of bicycles in Indonesia, produced by a handful of manufacturers whose focus is more on international export than aesthetics or ride quality. Before being slapped with an anti-dumping sanction, Federal Cycles Mustika churned out millions… Read more »

Vitus 979 Townie

Rangga Panji and his wife run Pancalen Cycles in South Jakarta. They have been busy lately, two of the many bikes that have been through their shop were both Vitus 979. One was immaculately restored to showroom, period condition with… Read more »