Kenevans Columbus Max Road

Sydney’s Skunkworks Bikes, specialists in ultra-high-end upgrades and bicycle weight loss, have been churning out a long list of quality builds lately, including the whole fleet of Team Festka Australia‘s bikes. The latest to emerge from the workshop’s secret location… Read more »

Pony Bikes Kenevans

Melbourne is Australia’s cycling hub. The city is relatively flat and has a bike lane infrastructure unparalleled by any other. Naturally, there’s a high instance of Local Bike Shops, but one in particular specialises in extra-special custom compilations for the… Read more »

Australian Custom Bicycle Show Pt. 1

The inaugural Australian Custom Bicycle Show was held last weekend in Melbourne, and those of us fortunate enough to make it along experienced something very exciting. It was the realization that appreciation for quality bikes is stronger than it has… Read more »

Kenevans Track

This may be a brand new track frame by Ken Evans, don of Australian frame building, yet I can’t help visualizing it after 15 or 20 seasons of racing at the local velodrome: nicely weathered, bearing a few nicks and… Read more »