Kinfolk Cyclocross

During the experimental period of the 60s, geodesic domes were considered très chic living and work spaces. As a nod to the architecture of their parents, the Kinfolk crew incorporated a geodesic dome into their new creative space at Brooklyn’s… Read more »

Kinfolk Track

Receiving an email from John Buellens, one of the founding members of Kinfolk Bicycles, always brightens up my inbox. It’s always guaranteed to contain superb photos of their gorgeous frames, hand crafted by Master Bulder Shiuchi Kusaka in Kansai, Japan.… Read more »

Kinfolk x Ronrico Rum

There’s plenty of comparisons made between custom bicycles and hand-crafted liquors such as wines and whiskeys. The Kinfolk Bicycle Company recently received an alternative assignment: to create a complete bicycle inspired by Beam Inc’s Ronrico Rum.

Kinfolk Cobalt Blue

It would be interesting to hear what Shuichi Kusaka has to say about the current resurgence in cycling, which is in no part thanks to his skills of those of his contemporaries. 73 year-old Kusaka-san is the builder responsible for… Read more »

Kinfolk Autumn

This is actually the second time we’ve featured this bike – it’s owner is John Buellen, one of the founders of Kinfolk. His frame is now one year old, and he brought The Prime’s Will Goodan in to capture it’s… Read more »

Kinfolk Urban Cycle

The bicycle has undergone a renaissance over the past decade. While it has been with us since the early 1800s, in one form or another, and there has always been those who have been very passionate about them, I’ll wager… Read more »

Nakamoto’s Kinfolk

Nakamoto’s Kinfolk has been haunting me for a while but today I saw the correlation between it and the passionate conversions the Japanese perform of low-bore, off-the-peg Yamahas and Kawasakis into into immaculate cafe-racers and I fell in love with… Read more »