Klein Quantum Race

Tonight, I attended the 40th anniversary celebrations of Clarence Street Cyclery. While my earliest memories of the shop — one of Sydney’s oldest — was when I was working as a bike messenger and being asked to leave because it… Read more »

Klein Adroit

Fans of Seinfeld must remember Jerry’s green Klein MTB hanging on the wall in his apartment; they are one of the most iconic brands of the 90s fat tire scene. That era also gave rise to a human icon: David… Read more »

Klein Attitude Dolomite

You really had to hand it to Gary Klein. He was one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of the modern mountain bike, pioneering aluminium as a viable frame material and thus initiating an evolutionary leap of design and style. Klein… Read more »

Klein Pinnacle

During the late 80s and early 90s, when mountain bikes really started coming of age, GT frames were instantly recognizable by the Triple Triangle, while a Klein could be spotted by their seamless tubes, one-piece stem / bar combos and… Read more »

Klein Attitude Nightstorm

There’s one thing that can be said about a Klein, they’re unmistakable. Whether for their gregarious paint or their fat aluminum tubes, few MTB manufacturers garner the same devotion as Gary Klein.

Klein Attitude

One of the more enigmatic marques mountain biking has spawned surely has to be that of Klein. It just goes to show that you can still achieve a cult following with a garish paint job. Looking at this Klein, an… Read more »