Kumo Cycles

Kumo Cycles 650b Travel Bike

Right now, the South Australian capital of Adelaide is broiling with excitement as thousands of cycling fans converge upon it for the 2014 Santos Tour Down Under. This will be the biggest TDU yet and continues to attract a huge… Read more »

Kumo Cycles Randonneur

Recently, the Australian state capital of Brisbane played host to a bicycle gymkhana of sorts, called Pushies Galore. It was a celebration of Queensland’s cycling passion, but attracted fans from all over. Keith Marshall of Kumo Cycles resides in Canberra… Read more »

Artisan Magazine—Kumo Cycles

Artisan Magazine is an iPad magazine that focuses on stories of the local, personal and unique—all things handmade, simple and beautiful. It started as a collaborative project between three friends and colleagues: Natalie Hunfalvay, Leigh-Ann Thomas and Bhavani Konings, who… Read more »

Kumo Cycles Lorday Road

Kumo Cycles‘ Keith Marshall is fast developing a name for himself as a modern Australian builder of solid, unassuming frames — an essential Aussie quality. He’s located in the rural New South Wales town of Braidwood, but this roadie, built… Read more »

Kumo Cycles Gus’s Road

The process of acquiring a custom bicycle may seem like a very personal thing, but in fact it’s a collaborative process. There’s the relationship between the customer and the builder, not to mention the painter; but in this case the… Read more »

Australian Custom Bicycle Show Pt. 1

The inaugural Australian Custom Bicycle Show was held last weekend in Melbourne, and those of us fortunate enough to make it along experienced something very exciting. It was the realization that appreciation for quality bikes is stronger than it has… Read more »

Kumo Cycles Mixte

There’s nothing like the sight of a cherry orchard in full blossom to signal a positive change in the seasons, but this peppermint mixte by Kumo Cycles, the perfect vehicle to a cycling lover’s heart, is a sign that love… Read more »